Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 6

Top Ten Tuesday 6...

My Favorite Vehicles

1. Volkswagen Beetle
2. Honda Civic
3. Chevy Silverado
4. Volkswagen Jetta
5. BMW Z4

6. green
7. silver
8. black
9. blue
10. red

Ok, here's the drill. Pick the car, and then pick the color. I realize that you are limited in choices, but if you feel so inspired, just tell what your favorite car is instead... if you find it impossible to pick one from my list.

If anyone can guess what my FAVORITE car and color is from the above list, then... you will be rewarded.

Alright, I have an analogy. I am sure it has been used before as it isn't really the cleverest of clevers, but it helped me out in my conceptual thinking process this morning so I'll share it.

Here it is: Reading the Word of God is like exercising.

Staying consistent in reading the Word can be likened to exercising regularly. Let's look at exercising, first. Hopefully, at some point in our lives, we all find time to exercise our physical body. However, while a lot of us enjoy exercising, it is tough to fit into a busy schedule and can be easily shrugged off. Why? Because it takes time, effort, and it's easier to put it off than just do it. However, some may battle with the thought: "If only I would just exercise, I would feel so much better and I wouldn't regret that I did it. Plus- it will keep me in shape."

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

When we put off exercising, not only is it easier to deny next time, but we slip out of shape. Climbing four flights of stairs for class or work gets our heart rate up a little higher than usual, and we become tired and exhausted by phsyical endeavors that used to come easily.

Now, you are all a pretty smart audience and I know you have already made the connection, but let me just represent it in writing. Staying consistent in God's Word can be the exact same way. When we don't "exercise" in our spiritual lives, they become out of shape. Life starts to bog down on us, and we wonder why we feel the way we do. However, as soon as we go back to God's Word and exercise, we feel so much better! It may be easy to put off or ignore, but why do we? What's the point? Are we too busy, too lazy, too consumed in something else? Is it time management? Is it the issue of denying other projects/interests/hobbies so that we make time for it rather than idolize other areas of our lives?

It would do us all good to remember how we feel after a good run- sure, a little out of breath (God's Word is powerful!), but ultimately- very refreshed, renewed, enlightened, and feelin' good! And in the long run (no pun intended)... it will keep us spiritually healthy and in shape so that we are ready for life's biggest journeys.

I love you all! Don't forget to vote!



Anonymous said...

ok... so there is nothing sexier than a black Silverado esp if it has a nice lift on it.... ooh la la :-)

taryn said...

I have a pretty good guess as to who wrote that, but for the sake of my protection from future physical harm, I'm going to withold that information.

However... I must say, I would have to agree.

clark said...

ooo.. jobi ?.. i know he has a sweet black silverado jacked up.. anyways..

1987 silver mitsubishi starion ESI-R.
i know everyone has to agree, if of course you have seen my car.

cleverest of clevers? you, my friend, dont make much sense.

Kristi said...

hmmmmm i wonder what Taryn's favorite vehicle is? Maybe a green beetle??? yeah probably.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

So I kinda messed up my last post, sorry. Anyway,I was thinking a green VW Beetle too. That's pretty crazy. By the way, 1) I'm not sure that a truck can be sexy (now a black 2006 Corvette Z06 with 505 hp just might be) 2) It's my opinion that you should definitely get a GMC truck over a Chevy. The landscaping company I worked for a while back had a couple of black 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HDs with the 8.1 liter engine, and I've got one word, "Wow!"

P.S. I'd take the Chevy or the GMC over either a Ford or a Dodge.

Luke said...

My choice out of your list is the red BMW Z4 for sure. I mean seriously, it shouldn't even be a contest, but whatever.

Off the list, favorite car, black Porsche 911 Turbo.

I was going to pick green Beetle as your favorite. I think you've told me that before.

Plus, I think I should get bonus points for being the first to put a hot link to a picture of my favorite car.

Priscilla said...

Your favorite car is the VW Beetle and green. What do I win?

I'm a pretty down to eart person. I would have to pick the silver Honda Civic. Simple and classic...but sharp. My taste is the same with clothing.

Did the apostle Paul share a similar analogy on running a race?

Ryan said...

I can't let Luke get all the bonus points. Here's a sweet black 2006 Corvette Z06. The pictures not the highest quality, sorry.

jake said...

anonymous - please!
T - green beetle, and good analogy with the reading-as-exercise though: we need it and we're always glad after we've done it.
luke - you love those porsches, don't you
ryan - nice pic, vettes are getting better and better in my opinion, looks-wise and performance-wise.

thedoorsopen said...

I was just going to say how it really was no contest to distinguish the best car from your list, but Luke beat me. Hands down the Z4 is much better in nearly every right. I'll spare my favs list.

taryn said...

Let me just point out that the purpose of the Top Tens are not to distinguish the BEST of the list, but the personal favorite of the list. Now, if your personal favorite ends up being the best, then... you guys all have expensive taste :)

Anyway, thanks for the participation, all, and it's fun hearing everyone's favorites. You are all genuises for guessing that my favorite car is a green Volkswagen Beetle.

Heather said...

I have to agree 100% with anonymous that there is nothing sexier than a man in a black Silverado!! (although I'll take it w/o the lit)

My top car pick would be a Granite Green VW Passat or a Glacier Pearl Nissan Murano. Practical, yes, I know.

Anonymous said...

Heather -

i said nothing sexier than a black silverado... nothing about a man. :-)