Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 7

It has been exactly 2 weeks since I have posted. Could this be a record?

Anyway, the winner from 2 weeks ago is the green Volkswagen Beetle in honor of you all being correct for guessing it as my favorite car. (And, it's just the coolest of cools).

Well, I am extremely BLESSED to have gone on the trip down to Magdalena, Mexico over my spring break. I could not think of a better use of my time. It was an amazing trip with some AMAZING people, and a huge relationship-builder for me and many others. The Lord really blessed us with safe traveling, an organized trip, and good working weather. Today's Top Ten Tuesday is dedicated to my 10 most memorable parts of the trip.

1. Building a wall out of styrofoam jigsaw puzzle pieces in "Puzzle Land"

2. Being bucket scooper with Whitney and bucket lifter on the scaffolding, and having an arm hang contest with Stephanie on the scaffolding

3. "Sneaking" into town one night to get some authentically amazing Mexican food and running into the parents at our restaurant-of-choice- I split a potato-steak creation with Natalie and some cheese cake- unebelievably tasty!

4. Walking to the taco stand one night with Will and Prevo, proclaiming that I would not eat any tacos and ending up eating 2 tacos and a Coke

5. Going on a hike up a mountain and seeing a beautiful view, and finding some bones from a (cow?) I brought the coolest bone ever home with me. I think it's a femur.

6. Holding little Timmy and carrying him around on my shoulders.

7. Going into town and walking around Magdalena with the group one night, and buying ice cream in sugar cones and eating them by the fountain

8. "Pretending to sleep" as everyone from the mini van piled into the RV on our way home (the RV had a flat tire and the van had some trouble, aslo), and being delayed 4 hours and not getting home until 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning (but we had a fun group in the RV and an amazing bible study on Daniel's prayer)

9. Leading an aerobics session outside of a gas station for Leah and Natalie on the way home

10. Staying up during the whole 1-5 a.m. shift in the minivan and talking with Jenn the ENTIRE time, keeping our trusty driver awake (he drank a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew and 2 Red Bulls... we ended up making a few unscheduled stops of our own and then graciously caught up each time :)

So, my trip was amazing. A lot of great memories were made, and it evoked a wonderful re-focus in the hearts of a lot of us. You never know how truly blessed you really are until you go on a trip like this and "see God in the little things," as David Mariani successfully put in in a poem he read to us Thursday evening. That night, we went around and shared out prayer partners and something we learned from the week, and our theme for the week, "I will never be the same again," coated each of our responses.

I love you all!



Heather said...

T- I am glad you had such good trip. Your facebok pics look like you had a lot of fun!
I can't wait till I get to go down in May!!
I'm glad your home safe. We need to get together sometime! It's been a while!
Come over Wed after church if you want. I don't know who all will be there, but Laura seems to be inviting about everyone she knows!

taryn said...

Will there be food?

thedoorsopen said...

T, twas incredible, how blessed we be!

2 corrections: the trusty driver had a 3 liter of MD along with the red bulls (I do realize you may be compensating for an amount he didn't drink, so I'm prepared to be humbled, but it was a 3 liter bottle!) and again, maybe you are being original (which is highly likely) but most called it Lego Land, slightly more fitting than Puzzle Land:) ok, I can't prove that.

I did like the femur you found and the papa asada's at Momos defined delicacy in my standards! Glad the RV was a blessing, ya'll are patient!

I must ask, didn't the unbeatable Euchre tourney make your top10 or maybe 11? It gave you an excuse to buy something fun didn't it... did that ever happen?

natz said...

Awesome trip, T with awesome memories.

I'm so glad I got to know you better. I feel like we didn't really know each other before this trip. Amazing what sleeping in the same bed with someone for an entire week will do to a relationship.

Thanks for sharing food with me. You blessed my heart and my tummy.

And thanks for leading me and Leah in aerobics at 1:00 in the morning. Couldn't have been a more perfect time.

taryn said...

Justin- What would I do without your accurate corrections? Actually, to be honest, Jenn and I did help him out with some of that MD. And I apologize for the misuse of the phrase "Lego Land."

Oh, and of course the Euchre game made the top 10. Even though Stephanie and I lost 3 times in a row and we never ended up buying presents for ourselves. But we did get our ice cream (thank goodness).

I love my femur, too. It's on my window sill in my room.

Natalie- I seriously miss you! We need to hang out soon. Yes, it IS amazing what sleeping in the same bed and sharing the same food will do, gosh I feel like we're married. :D Thanks for the good times.

Luke said...

Welcome back

Priscilla said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time. Welcome back.