Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't worry- there are pictures

Results: We have a tie, as usual.

Most people enjoyed the fact that Luke, who gets 25 brownie points from me because of this (no pun intended), likes chocolate. So there were a few votes for #5. Also among the tie was #8, the fact that Luke likes to expand topics of conversation to their very limits and analyze them as much as possible. :D Good job, guys! Thanks for all the comments! I think it has been proven that Luke exceeds the description of an "ok guy" into the realm of cool.

So this week has been one of the funnest of my life, and it's not even over yet. This past weekend was pretty happenin' in Kansas. Actually, not really, but it was good to see family. Note the pictures below. Phil Witzig gave us girls these ink pencils that were supposed to write like pens but erased. Weird. Here we are holding them.

Also, on the bus, my mom was sewing little beads on socks for her kid's and baby line of clothes she sells and Dennis Stoller just HAD to have a pair, too, so here he is holding his socks that my mom sewed for him.

On Monday night I got to help celebrate my little niece's 1st birthday. What a doll. Check out the beautiful cake my sister made. It was as delicious as it looks.

Tuesday night, TP and I went shopping with some friends and then met up with a bunch of people at Cold Stone. Mmmm. I split the Peanutbutter Cup Perfection with Rick and it is absolutely amazing. We got the "Gotta have it" size which was ginormous, and needless to say, it was almost gone when we were finished. Justin and I ran laps around Cold Stone, then, to counteract the calories. (Justin- I am STILL feeling refreshed from that run.)

Here is TP, Ryan and I at Gloria Jean's... I don't think any of us were ready for this shot. Oh, the essence of candid moments.

Rick and I with our oh-so-delicious ice cream.

The unfaithful Dairy Queen crew... Here are the 3 DQ workers who ate Cold Stone (try to keep this on the DL).. Seth, Durrel and me

Justin and I had our ice cream done in 2 bites

Jake and Will were rebels and went to buy ice cream FROM THE CARTON. How could they. Well, they probably saved money.

Amanda and Dani- cute... You have to understand that Amanda and her room mate Elise are the instigators of this Cold Stone run, they LOVE it there.

After that, we went to the Cabin to put together a puzzle. I thought I hated puzzles, but actually puzzles are quite fun if you piece them together with fun people and the picture is pretty.

Last night was church. It was amazing. When I got home, I threw a frozen pizza in (my supper) and then TP, Tracy and I ran to Krispe Kreme and picked up a dozen just because they sounded good. When we returned, we had a pizza waiting for us! After that, really tried hard to focus on my project: programming a Homework Board to do something and write script for it. I got frustrated, and thanks to Tammy's information, went outside and busted a group of boys trying to prank me via swarming my car (I don't know what they thought they were going to do, my car already has enough personality of its own). Actually, this ended up being a blessing in disguise because one of them so happened to be very knowledgable in the project I was trying to figure out, so I got astounding help from him. We set up a "game" on my homework board that tests your reaction time! Way cool.

Tonight, I will be going to visit the dorms girls for supper at Watterson. Very fun. This weekend is Indy Outreach, as well, so that is another blessing to look forward to. I hope to see some of you readers there... and it is my hope that you all have had a pleasant, fun-filled week, as well! I love you all. T


thedoorsopen said...

Man time flies when you're having fun, good post, excellent run.
I came to the same puzzle conclusion that night... it's really not about the puzzle...

and about the prank, swarming? What does that mean? Maybe I should look it up, and I'm sure I'll hear about it tonight. For the record: you will be pranked to where it scares you or at least gets you good.

Priscilla said...

I really miss the days of eating all the food you described without gaining weight. Oh to be young again!

jake said...

as far as your car, T, this is the calm before the storm

Luke said...

Jake, your comment needs to be followed by a good "Muuhhahahahaha"