Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tracy, Part III

This is Tracy Part III.

For those of you who are faithful, tuned-in readers of my blog, you may recall that I said Part III would be coming sometime in December. Since I did not want to let you down, nor become a blogger who is careless enough to just promise words like that and then not fulfill them, here is "Tracy, Part III."

Tracy is cool because:

1. She snowboards. That right there says "cool," in my opinion. Not only does she snowboard, but she is fantastic at it.

2. She has a green ipod mini AND an ibook. She does technology in style.

3. She likes to run. And sometimes, she even runs with me.

4. She drives a ruby red Honda... some trusty wheels.

5. She is one of my only other friends who will rap-dance w/me with NO SHAME. That's the only way to do it.

6. Her middle name is Jo. Just kidding, it's Janiqua. Just kidding...

It's Jean.

Well, it's kind of awkward to end on # 6, but this whole write-up is awkward because there is an element missing. I know what it is- it's Tracy in her physical form. Every other time I've written a Tracy tribute, she has been here aiding me. I gander the reason she isn't here this time is because I feel confident after the first 2 Tracy posts' successes, so I'm just going for it.

Tracy, this is to you...

my crazy, humorous, laughable, smiling, bright, spiritually minded and brilliant room mate.

I will be starting a new series this Spring which covers both of my other room mates. The next series will feature Tammy, Part I. Try to contain your excitement.

I love you all.



tameria said...

I don't think I can contain my excitement!!

For the record, I ditto everything you said T about our wonderful roommate Trace. She's one of a kind and is totally awesome!!!

(5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!)

the Tracy said...

To my two biggest fans.....thank you.

To the author of this are too kind. If I had a blog I would write a tribute about your greatness right now. But since I don't blog-and I never will-I will tell the world right now that you are one of the greatest and funnest and coolest people I know. I am truely blessed to have you as my friend and roommate. I must end with this question though, could you have found a lovelier picture of the two of us? You're right, probably not.

taryn said...

Tameria, Tamara, Tamanca, Tam Tamaroo, I could go on forever... there are so many forms of your lovely name. I can hardly wait until 5 days from now after TP's e-mail. Florida, HERE WE COME!

The tracy- I just finished browsing my "Taryn and Tracy" photo library fully equipped with 5,017 pictures of you and me, and it's affirmed: There isn't a lovelier picture of you and me.

Heather said...

Tracy, Tammy, Taryn...any and all "T's" I love you girls!

Priscilla said...

This has nothing to do with Tracy...although I am sure that she is wonderful. Thanks for the comment on my blog about my visit with my brother. middle naame is Jo...for sure.