Friday, December 23, 2005

Snow Ho Ho

First, let's get you laughing.

Now that I have you in the mood for snow, I'll talk about that. I just returned from the (annual?) Alto ski trip. It was really fun. It was one of those trips where I knew I would have fun, but when I got home, I was even more thankful that I went. So, good report on that! We skiied or snowboarded (or in my case, NEITHER, I snow BLADED) at Nub's Nob all day Thursday. The weather was perfect and fun times were had by all.

I hope you are all in the Christmas spirit, because Christmas Eve is TOMORROW! I am starting to get really excited. This year, my brother and sisters will be with us on Christmas Eve, so it will be fun having them here all day. We always read the Christmas story out of the Bible before we open gifts, and this year I already mapped out what I want to read. I am very excited to be the narrator.

I trust that you enjoyed the Calvin and Hobbes... the other morning, I came downstairs and my mom was checking her e-mail and ROARING at these comics. I don't think I have heard her laugh so hard in a very long time. I don't necessarily expect the same reaction from you, but if you enjoyed them at all, let me know your favorite. I know which mine is. :) Have a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

I love you all.



krisT said...

Thanks for sharing those comics. I'm glad you had a good time snow blading.

Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

Luke said...

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes. My favorite is snow sharks.

thedoorsopen said...

favorites: even between the psychologist and the last one (if you need a definitive answer go with the psychologist because it's also in color!) I like Calvin's cynical side (although it's all we see, he has a good hearted nature somewhere I'm sure) as demonstrated my the many mutilated snowmen. Totally sweet! God bless and Merry Chirstmas!

P.S. my car's on fire

Heather said...

those were great! I love Calvin and Hobbes. I'd have to say that the hot water bottle committing suicide had me laughing the most. Seriously, who thinks of that??

jOeL said...

Calvin rocks my socks. I wish I was more like him.

taryn said...

H-er... YES. That was my favorite, too.

Of course, our favorite WOULD be the suicidal one. Ha. Kidding.

I'm glad you all love Calvin and Hobbes. It has always been my brother's absolute favorite... they ARE pretty funny.

tamika said...

Calvin is the boy to my heart!!! I love that kid! I could read him all day!! Favorite? no favorites. They all make me laugh! :)