Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Month Off

My break has been so amazing. I am very blessed to have such a great amount of time off, and have definitely welcomed the much-needed vacation from school, work, and stress. I know that this won't happen in the "real world" once I escape this world of college, so I am soaking up every minute of this fabulous time.

Here are the highlights of my luxurious break in chronological order...

1. Cookie Making

Every year, a bunch of us girls get together and make frosted cookies, almond bark pretzels, and caramels and then go around and deliver plates of these goodies to the elderly. It is SO fun! We have done it since we were in Jr. High, and the tradition has never died. We joke that we will still be doing it when we are all married with kids and living in different states; this will be our one re-uniting event.

2. 2 Peas in a Palette

This is Kristi and I trying not to get stressed over everything we had to do. Actually, this picture was taken at the end of mot of our Christmas cards, but this is us spending a couple of hours getting details straightened out in a very "organized" (Kristi: *wink wink, I'm sure your mom would beg to differ) manner. Hats off to Kristi and I for completing at least 30 cards total! We had fun with it all.

3. Ski Trip

Here is Tracy, Heather, and Polly posing in front of a beautiful sunset at a gas station on the way up to Michigan.

Tracy, Tammy and I on the ski lift.

Packing it up after a long, good day of skiing/boarding/blading!

What a fun trip! It was a great group with a lot of good memories.... buying "lunch" at Meijer's at 4:30 in the morning, traveling for 4-5 hours in a car before even seeing traces of sunlight, tearing up the hills with my snow blades (everyone knows that snow blades rise above the coolness of snowboarding... they are in a class all their own... I mean, don't get me wrong, I still think snowboarding is way cool, but snow blades, having originated from the skiing family, make skiing look classy, and anything that can do that is cool), getting lost many times on many different occassions resulting in many detours, getting beat by an 11-year-old in ping pong (that really was a crush to my ego, thanks to Holly's little brother.... kidding! But he was pretty good), riding the ski lift with my two favorite T's, playing Rook most of the afternoon, seeing Tracy among other girls jump really high in the food court at the mall, watching some Xtreme Japanese show that I thought was absolutely hilarious, and, of course, the 7-8 hour car ride home! Ok that's enough memories.

4. Christmas

First, I have to brag about my nieces and nephews. :) From left to right: Sophia, Noah holding Lola, Oliver holding Naomi, and Domniq. Aren't they cute? I love them. I remain the famous "Aunt T" or "T" or sometimes, even "Taryn." It always catches me off guard when one of them calls me "Taryn," because I'm like "What? You actually know my real name?" All those kids hold a special place in my heart. My heart is going to just have to keep getting bigger as more babies are born, because those kids take up so much of it!

My mom is one of the most creative people I know. For years, she worked as a seamstress who did sewing alterations as a business at home. She gave that up about 5 years ago when our family did foster care for awhile, because that consumed a lot of time. However, she has taken advantage of her extreme talent ever since... a couple of years back, she made purses for us girls for Christmas that were completely unique. We've always got a lot of compliments on them. She also made "memory quilts" for her two sisters and herself when both of their parents died by taking material from my Grandma's dresses and hankies and material from my Grandpa as well as some of his ties, and made a quilt out of it with chanile (sp.?) on the back! She recently began her own personal business called "Sutsie Pie," (that is what her and my dad used to call us when we were babies), and so now everything she makes us has clothing tags on it! It's really professional-looking. Each family got a REALLY soft blanket (I'm addicted to mine, I sleep with it every night) and she also made us girls purses again this year out of real vintage material that she found and some old jeans. You will see us displaying out choices in this picture, and my mom is holding the 2 that weren't chosen. She will hopefully continue to make them and sell them, as well as mostly baby blankets/silkies/clothes for the brunt of her business.

I love Christmas time. I love being with family, and I love the theme of Christmas. I love the special bonds we all share. I love the carefree spirits and the fun times. We celebrated Christmas Eve day with my family, and then on Christmas, my parents and I went over to my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Jeff's house and spent it with them, and my two cousins, Trevor and Trent. We played games most of the evening, and I had fun competing against my Uncle Jeff during the games (not that I'm competitive or anything). I was fresh in Rook when we played, so that was an easy win. Dutch Blitz and Rummikub were also fun to challenge them in. I love games!

5. Sleepovers (I can no longer refer to them as "Slumber" Parties, because we don't ever sleep)

Just kidding, we do. But usually not until after 2 or 3 a.m.

H, Kristi, and I had fun that night. Pictures are proof. Needless to say, it was an early morning. Poor H had to get up for work, but Kristi and I didn't begin our day until around 11.


We celebrated my birthday tonight early because I'm going to be gone over my birthday. Here is a good sibling shot. It took us about 4 tries because my brother has issues keeping his eyes open. After every picture, my mom would say, "Tate, your eyes were closed, "and Tate would shout with all seriousness, "No they weren't!" but he was in denial, because they were.

Here is a picture of my cake. It was luxurious (that is my new word, can you tell). It is buckeye cake... chocolate peanutbutter cup fantasyland, basically. It was AMAZING.

So, that about wraps it up. This is a really long post. Of coursre, you know that if you are still reading. Anyway, don't worry, because I'm leaving this Saturday and am going to be GONE a whole week in Florida! Expect a sunny update when I get back.

I love you all!



krisT said...

Cute Pics! I hope you have fun in Florida.

thedoorsopen said...

That was HUGE! You lead an exciting life yourself! Florida should be really fun, and hopefully sunny (although our trip was not... sunny). If you're driving, be safe, you never know when your car could randomly start on fire (I guess likewise if you're flying...jk).

JakeGman said...

I must say the best part of the whole story had to be the trip to Michigan...however, it didn't get quite the amount of detail it deserves!!

I think you could write a 10 page blog just on the splendorness of Michigan itself! What a great state. :-)

Anyways, Good stuff. I am glad you are enjoying your break so much. (it kind of rubs it in, to those of us who don't get a break anymore, though) :(


Priscilla said...

You look like you had a fabulous break so far! You and your friends and family sound like a riot to hang with. I love Dutch Blitz!

Kristi said...

T- I think the best part of your break was hanging out with Taryn and I and having our "sleepover" Watching Mean Girls, Me hacking up a lung, Heather and her chair, Heather sleeping fully clothed on the couch, and you and me in bed. Ew that sounded bad. I didn't mean it like that.

JakeGMan- You love Michigan.

clark said...

ah. i think i just got dumber by even glancing at this page. all the pictures and all that nonsense are all clogged inside my head i dont believe i will EVER be the same. oh no. what shall i do. i no your jelous of me because i dont NEED a blog to keep me entertained. and you WISH you could find a better past time for your life. its ok, ill still

now for the disclaimer.
dont take anything i just said seriously. not to sound like some hypcocritical fool(who cant spell) wait i am a hypocritical fool.. and i got over that a long time ago. wait. dont put this on there. crap how do i erase this thing. gosh darn it you devil.

please continue entertaining yourself with this blog thing. and all of your many many fans will continue being entertained.

JakeGman said...


jOeL said...

Wow. I couldn't concentrate on the post after I read the whole baking cookies part. I can send you my address if you would like to donate some to my stomach. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Florida

Stephanie said...

Oh wow: looks like you had a great time! Glad you do actually appreciate this time off! Cause girl, it doesn't get any better than that! Once you're a grown-up: you're a grown up for life! Boo!

Happy New Year!

tamantha said...
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tamantha said...

pretty sure the michigan trip with me and tracy was definitely the best part of your month. what a blast!!