Monday, December 05, 2005


Thursday night, Heather and Katelyn spent the night at the T House. We hung out in my room for awhile... and this is what happened.

Tracy attached a liking to my stuffed person labeled "Mom" on one side and "Dad" on the other. Tammy is pictured with her for moral support.

Heather decided to brush her teeth in my room.

This weekend, we took our annual girl's shopping trip to Chicago.

Kristi and I rode with Heather, and diligently "worked" the whole way up to Chicago... while managing to keep Heather company during a few scares... one being when Heather screamed REALLY LOUD which made me scream REALLY LOUD while she suddenly braked her car in front of a semi on the highway because a deer ran across. Sheesh. Kristi got so scared her face turned white and her lips turned blue. Seriously.

Random picture... we were trying to symbolize how we almost died 3 times on the way up to Chicago. Do I look dead?

Laura and Gab at Chipotle.

Tracy and I got a lemon and lime stuck in our mouths and had to walk around the rest of the weekend with them like that. People usually didn't noticed until we had to start talking.

All of the girls who went on the trip... in the snow!

Kristi and I "being" the structure.

Walking to our cars after a long day of shopping.

Laura and Tracy, looking hip.

A lost shot in Chicago. Note the nicely placed stores in the background for full effect.

Well, needless to say, it was a fun trip with great times had by all. We even got to see bird bounce off of a car, hit a semi, and drop dead right in front of us on the highway (on the way home). We also got to go to Harvest Bible Chapel and hear Rick Donald speak, as well as attend a Fernando Ortega concert afterwards. He is amazing, with a definite God-given talent! He sang and played the piano beautifully.

I hope you enjoyed this photo-story. Have a great week! I love you all!



krisT said...

Cut pics guys! Glad you had a fun and safe trip. :D

jOeL said...

Wow. You girls sure dress with a lot of color. Can't wait to see what you got me for Christmas.

Kristi said...

Awww I want those pics!!! Email them to me soon. Thanks!!!

Heather said...

fun times.
good memories.

Heather said...

btw...what yr is this?

Gab said...

good pictures, fun times, amazing that we are all still alive-

and fern was pretty the best... or doing donuts. hehe.

Heather said...

you got to do donuts, Gab?? My car screamed when I mentioned the word. I obviously had the wrong passengers!!

and we're all still alive, so it's all good. it was a great weekend!!


taryn said...

Heather- it is year 2006. By the way, I wouldn't be so jealous of Gab. She entered a very fresh parking lot, anxious to get her car spinning... and realized halfway through it that she was in the GRASS. What a genuis.

Also, it is a good thing you had such trusty passengers in your car. I mean, I love to have fun and all, but not at the cost of my life.

Anyway, should I just start a "Chicago Trip" website with yearly archives of all the pictures? And I can charge you all $5 for every 20 pictures you download?

YES. I am brilliant. I'll get right on that.

Love you all and I had such a fun time in Chicago. Those are the memories we won't ever forget.


taryn said...

P.S. Fern WAS the best. I'm inviting him to my wedding reception.

Kristi said...

I'm sure Fern would come to your wedding reception. I bet that's the top thing on his list to do. haha. Heather, we had fun in our car even though we didn't do donuts. Did the other car see the bird hit the windsheild of the car then the semi? I don't think so.

Heather said...

I forgot about the bird. That was the best!!
Too bad we didn't get a picture of the dead bird on the side of the road!

Gab and carload said...

um. yes, our car definately saw the bird hit the semi... and then we actually HEARD fed and T scream... and saw Kristi's lips turn blue...again. I mean it's not like we weren't RIGHT behind you... of course we saw it. hehe.

thedoorsopen said...

I like your many pictures. Congrats on donuts in a grass parking lot:)