Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day 2011... to me. The 25th year in a row that I celebrate the day of love without a bouquet of pretty flowers or a dinner date with my significant other.

But you can't miss what you never had, right?

Today I was thinking about what this day is really about. It's about love... and I thought of love in my life. I thought about how, even when I do find "romantic" love someday, that won't change my First Love. I don't say that to be cheesy... it's just the simple truth. God will always come first in my life, and relying on Him will be the only way I am fulfilled. That is Truth whether I am single, married, with or without children, or widowed. I learned a long time ago that if I can't find contentment in that promise, then I won't ever be content.

God has dished me out an extra serving of grace lately. And especially today! I found myself brightly happy... and not just the kind where you wear a smile on your face but battle inner turmoil. This was true joy. True joy that came as I handed a bouquet of beautiful flowers to my friend and business partner that were delivered to our studio from her husband. True joy that came as I read a FB status of one of my newly married friends: "My husband is the best thing that has happened to me since Jesus Christ." True joy that came as I walked into Culver's tonight all by myself to grab a dinner "to go."

True joy comes in the truly joyful times, but the beauty of true joy is that it can also survive on the cloudiest day, the lousiest week, or the saddest moment.

Tonight, I climbed into my car and was marveling at God's grace and His hand of calming peace in my life. As I did so, I set my bag of dinner on the passenger seat and turned my car on. Immediately, these words drifted into my ears from the car radio, "Many young single people become impatient waiting for the "perfect match." They spend so much time searching for the "right one," when what they should be doing is living like "the right one." Our utmost goal in life is to glorify God with our lives, and be the best we can be. In being obedient and living this way, we are on the right track. This doesn't mean you hide from the world-- you have to put yourself out there-- but instead of making your goal to be the pursuit of the "right one"-- just be the right one."

I am obviously paraphrasing, but it was refreshing to hear those words. He also talked about patience and waiting on God's perfect timing.

A little bit later, I had small group. I love my group-- I am the youngest one by a long shot, but I love it. We are currently studying the book of James, and the subject of God's solid, unchanging character was brought up. We talked about the verse, "Be still, and know that I am God."

So hard to do in today's world... but so important. How can we hear God or know God without this important action?

It's always easier to be doing something, and it's always easier to trust in someone or something else.

"Be still, and know that I am God."

An awesome Truth from our God of Love!

Love you all,



Gerry said...

Thank you for another wonderful message, Taryn. Love your posts. xox

teresa said...

Thanks for living like "the right one." Your life does bring glory to God.