Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top Ten Random E-mail Lines

I love to write. I also enjoy supplying certain friends in my life with frequent "updates," usually sent over e-mail. Any excuse to write, and I'm there.

I have a particular friend who loves receiving these long-winded messages, and I appreciate her for that. She gives me a reason to continue to write in a free-spirited, story-like way. I can do this at times on my blog or when I write fictional stories, but often I feel inhibited when I know I'll be sharing it publicly. However, I know that with a close friend I can say pretty much anything that comes to mind, and at times, that can be entertaining at best but unpredictable and scary at worst.

Today's top ten will focus on 10 separate lines that have been extracted from some of my e-mails to her. Fortunately for you, you won't have the full context, but I'm hoping that will add a little bit of twist and excitement.

1. "A 4-year-old little girl who was absolutely precious and sang a song beautifully. I cried. She was adorable."

2. "Whoa! Did a movie star just walk into the building?"

3. "We had coffee, tea, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, licorice, and popcorn."

4. "Once I sent her a Cheese-It cracker in the mail that I taped to my letter (brilliant idea, Taryn) and by the time it got to her, it was crushed (obviously) and a huge mess, AND they had to pay extra postage."

5. "Anyway, I read these sappy Lori Wick books, and back in the day, writing letters was like the BOMB, the "cool" correspondence, the Facebook messages and e-mail forwards of today."

6. "He came over to my desk the other day and said, "Since the economy is so bad right now, Hollywood is having to cut back on their budget and is going to have to start making black & white films again."

7. "Three Things I would eat right now:
A cookie monster from Cheddar's
A chocolate molten cake from Chile's
A peanut butter chocolate dessert from buffalo wild wings"

8. "Shawn: You’re great. You know, I should take you golfing this afternoon. I love to be seen with younger women."

9. "Lady: Wow, I just want to take a bite of your banana, that looks so good to me right now.

Taryn smiles.

Lady: You know, I used to work at a film festival, and we would have bananas there for all of the Hollywood stars. In the afternoon, they would take a banana break instead of a coke break."

10. “See, the neat thing about me is that I don’t snore.”

Vote for your favorite.

Love you all.



caitlin said...

i do believe number ten strikes my fancy. fun excerpts, taryn...and thank goodness for friends who enjoy long-winded [sometimes completely off the wall] messages :]

Heather said...

you never cease to entertain me.

Imagine Artists said...
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Kristi said...

hahaha. these had me laughing. Good memories.

P.S. why is Heather posting at 3:22 a.m.

Marla H. said...

Too funny! Man, a cookie monster from Cheddar's does sound so appetizing right now! Thanks for you post on my blog! I wish I could have seen you there and actually met one of my FAV online friends! (At least I don't remember meeting you, if we have....maybe I saw you when you were younger....and I was at your bro's for some YG function). Someday we have that to look forward to. :)

Heather said...

Kristi- I posted at 3:22am because I was AWAKE then! For the last 2 nights I have been waking up several times during the night. I have now cut out ALL caffeine and am praying that is the cause.

Kristi said...

Yes Heather... cut out caffeine. I also wake up a lot during the night. I always have and I drink no caffeine. Maybe we could be buddies because I see 3:30 most nights. For some reason that's my time to wake up. :)

megs said...

i like the banana lady myself....

Katie May said...

#6 just makes me smile. :]