Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me!

One of my dear friends, Katelyn, has begun blogging again and has added a fun little post on her blog that I will now participate in. This activity seems to be for young mamas, but I decided I'd practice now so that when someday I do have kids, I'll be a pro at "unconfessing" all of the wonderful moments of my motherhood. Besides, just because I'm not a mom doesn't mean I don't have a few things to confess...!

Here goes...

I did not wake up at 6:30 am this morning only to accidentally turn off my alarm instead of just hitting snooze. I did not then wake up at 7:30 am wondering why it was suddenly so bright in my bedroom.

I did not eat a delicious grape fruit for breakfast only to add a chocolate cake donut and cup of coffee on top of it just 30 minutes later. I did not have a prioritized to-do list for the day, only to work on it quite backwards, as I usually do not tend to do.

Since it was absolutely beautiful outside today and the sun was shining down with it's warm rays right as I was fixing lunch, I did not go ahead and sit outside during my lunch break and I did not let the sun's warmth encapsulate me for a few extra minutes, because it did not feel so very glorious on my skin. And I did not decide, after the lunch-time sun session that I did not have, to change my post-lunch activity to a marketing project in which I could not do while sitting outside in the sun. I did not promptly take all of the supplies needed to the porch by the driveway and sit outside to complete this project, because it was not nice out today.

I did not work until 5:30 pm today, and I did not drive to Monical's to find out the sex of my sister's 5th baby at a family dinner. I did not eat pizza for the 4th time in 3 days. I did not find out that I was not wrong in guessing a boy, because my sister is having a baby girl for the addition coming in August.

I did not go on a run after eating a lot of pizza, because it was not an amazing evening to do such a thing, and I did not enjoy all of the wonderful fresh air just a little too much while songs from my ipod drifted into my ears.

I did not watch last Thursday's episode of The Office on, and I did not laugh really, really hard at certain parts. I do not like to quote Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, because at times, they are not really funny.

I am not going to stop writing this only to eat Dairy Queen for the second time today.

Love you all!



Kirsten said...

Hahaha I love it! Oh how I have had a similar morning :)

the schros said...

i did NOT love this post!
i am NOT super excited to have you come over to my house. this should NOT become a tradition :)