Saturday, February 28, 2009

10 favorites

I wanted to post this yesterday as a Friday's Favorites edition. I ran out of time, and well, it's Saturday. So I'm one day late. It's OK... it's all the same. It's like a belated birthday card from a dear friend. It may be a few days delayed, but you're still glad you got it. Or a messy dessert. It may not look so good, but it all tastes the same.

Today is my mom's birthday. Well, not really. She was born on Leap Year so she only has a real birthday every 4 years. Last year was leap year and my sister had her son on February 29, so that was cool. So now my mom has a grandson born on her leap year birthday, Silas.

Anyway, my brother stopped by and brought us coffee and my mom a steamer.

"You lucked out," he told my dad and I. "You get free coffee because it's mom's birthday."

That's alright with me. What a sweet brother.

So, I have many goals for today... it's a day off and I need to make it productive. BUT, I wanted to start with a little creativity.

I want to share with you some of my "favorite things" of life right now. I felt a little materialistic when I did this but then I thought, you know what. There's nothing wrong with taking pleasure in the small blessings that bring a smile to our face. As long as we don't let them stack up and crowd out what is Truly important.

So here we have it: My current "Favorite Things" list. There is 10.

1. yellow ruffle purse
A couple of years ago, I was shopping in Chicago. I love shopping but I get bored of it quickly. I was likely just popping in and out of stores, and I happened to go inside a shoe store called Aldo. At the back of this store they have a selection of purses. I saw this yellow purse and I knew at that moment that I would like to have it. The price was right, so I did it. It also came in purple or black & white, but I went with yellow. Yellow is one of those colors that goes with everything because it matches nothing. I'm not quite sure who came up with this purse but whoever it was is creative- it's ruffly with zippers on the outside, almost appearing as though you could unzip it. It's quite an art. Anyway, I often get asked where I got this purse from, so I'm answering the question now: Aldo! Don't let the shoe displays fool you-- they have GREAT purses!

2. watch it
I went through a time in my life when I was VERY passionate about watches. I loved collecting them and tried to find ones that were unique. I still love watches but the fire has died down a bit. However, I really like this one below because it's colorful and fun, yet fancy enough to be dressy. My mom sells gift items and baby clothes/blankets that she makes in a store in Washington and Dunlap, so often I accompany her to vendor markets to help buy inventory for her shops. I attended an accessories marker with her once, and they have watches like the one below at wholesale price. It's a great perk to being in the merchandising market!

3. the fabric necklace
This is a scarf, but I called it my fabric necklace because when I wear it, that's what I feel like it is. Another unique item, thanks to one of the companies my mom buys through. There are many different colors/styles, and so if you think you would like one, she sells them at Holiday Presence in Washington on the square! Anyway, the multiple colors and fabrics makes it easy to wear with virtually any outfit.

4. reese's peanut butter cups
Enough said. We've been going strong since I was 5 years old.

5. bonnet hat
So it's not a bonnet. :) It seems like one, though. In fact, I've had a few friends try to wear this as a bonnet... but really, what you do is wear it on your head similar to how you would wear a bandanna, as it protects your head but is open in the back. I saw this at Anthropologie before Christmas and was unsure if I should get it... so I had my sister-in-law give it to me for Christmas, and I am glad she did! I have really enjoyed wearing it... it's not your everyday hat.

6. keys
I love playing the piano. So much. I don't consider myself a highly musical person but there is something so relaxing yet exhilarating about sitting down and playing songs. I wish I had more willpower and patience to learn some difficult pieces... the only times I ever pushed myself to do so was when I took piano lessons as a kid and in college. Nonetheless, it's fun to improvise.

7. peanut butter
Forget the recent recall. I LOVE peanut butter. It goes with everything. In fact, let me share a recent discovery. I was eating brownies with friends and decided to frost my slice with peanut butter. It was sensational. Please try it. Why did I not think of it sooner? Did I not get a big enough hint every time I bit into a Reese's?? In fact, I have plans to mix peanut butter with cream cheese or whipped cream to make a fluffier peanut butter frosting and then frost brownies sometime soon. Let me know if you are a peanut butter + chocolate addict like myself and I'll invite you over for a taste. Among my other favorite food items to combine with this spread is Ritz crackers, bananas, apples, celery sticks, honey, and raspberry preserves.

8. canon
The brand rocks. And specifically, cameras. My first camera was a Canon Powershot, and now I've graduated to the Rebel. I hope to upgrade at some point in the future, but for now, it's treating me well!

9. candles
Look at that scent. Does a room smell any better than white chocolate mousse? Candles make me happy... I love a space that has a warm aroma.

10. apple
Actually, I love both the fruit and the brand. I encourage you to eat apples often-- they are so good for you and have amazing health benefits. Do you ever have those days that you eat heavy food and feel "blah," or you just plain don't feel well? Often, when I get this way I eat an apple, and almost instantly I feel better. It's not a cure-all but it seems to work more often than not. I was recently reading that apples can often act as an antioxidant and are good to eat if you have problems with indigestion.

Onto the actual image... I also love the apple brand. :) As a creative person, my office is fully equipped with Apple products that seem to serve my needs quite well. The only item still on my "wish list" is an Apple iphone, but after research, I realize now that AT&T isn't the greatest service around here and as a VZW customer I just have to sit tight. Furthermore, VZW offers phones equivalent if not better in features than the iphone, although, I still think iphones rock. :) And so do macs!

Hope this has been fun. Love you all. Comment if you have a similar favorite.



Anonymous said...

I loved your post. I agree with all 10 and would add flowers and music to mine. Thanks for the fun post.

Tasha said...

I must agree with alot of your favorites, peanut butter cups, that yellow purse, hmm I'll have to look it up in purple, . Fun post

Sara said...

I already told you i LOVE that purse! and peanut butter...mmm. Actually I pretty much realized that I love pretty much all of your 10 things :)

Kristi said...

New Post Please.