Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 3 & 4 of the Western Expedition + a Top Ten

Day 3 of the Western Expedition- Sunday, June 25

Not much to report for Sunday. Kristi and I awoke at some ungodly hour again, and then went to Phoenix Church. After church, we traveled to my aunt’s house and then to my cousin’s house, feeling much like we were on a tour… or more so like we were on TLC. Anyway, at some point in the afternoon we ended up over at Kierland, which is like a little shopping area city all its own. We walked around there for awhile and then ate supper at North. Kristi and I split a pepperoni pizza, and I’m pretty sure we took care of the whole thing. Yeah- pretty impressive.

Later that night, my cousin, Stefanie came over and we talked to her for awhile surrounded by popcorn, licorice, and soft drinks. Mmmm. Good end to a good weekend.

Day 4 of the Western Expedition- Monday, June 26, 2006

After much thought and effort, Kristi, my mom, and I headed over to my aunt’s house to spend that day at her pool. We had packed up all of our necessary pool items plus a change of clothes, because we were going to be eating supper at her house later that night. We even stuffed my aunt’s SUV with 2 pool rafts. Well, needless to say, when we arrived, the plans got switched around, and it ended up that we were going to be spending the day at my other aunt’s house who we had just come from. And that we did, after finally driving all the way back and unpacking again. We had a nice day in the sun with some more of my cousins.

I found a water disc and Kristi and I played Frisbee for awhile. Kristi had a tendency to throw the disc either very far or in a direction perpendicular to me, and at one point she threw it completely out of the pool, which is really too bad, since the pool has a negative edge water system that pours water into a canal at the side, and then beyond that is basically a mountain heading downhill with desert landscape features, including rocks, cacti, and other shrubbery which usually is baking hot in the sun. My point being… the rescue of the disc was going to be an adventurous one. The side of the pool is lined with rock that gets very hot in the sun, so it’s not like we could just stand around for a long period of time and gaze down the mountain to find the pink disc. We finally got a mat and sat on that, and Kristi was brave enough to jump off the rock wall (about 5 feet or so tall), climb down a little bit, and rescue the poor item. After all this work, we didn’t even end up finishing our play; I guess it was the thought (and the fun we had getting there) that counts.

My cousin’s daughter is only a couple years younger than me, and she had come over with a friend, so we all played Speed Scrabble outside. After that fun mind-testing game, we got cleaned up and went to my aunt’s for supper. My great aunt and uncle came, as well. Fortunately, my cousin who played Speed Scrabble with us earlier called us to come over and play more fun games with her and her friends, so we enjoyed some time of Apples to Apples and we even introduced them to Telephone Pictionary.

Seeing as it is Tuesday when I am posting this, and because I have gotten an adamant request from one of my most cherished readers, I am going to throw in a top ten with the end of this post. Only those who conquered reading through this whole report (or for those of you who are smart enough to skim to the bottom) can enjoy and vote on the top ten.

Top Ten Moments of the Western Expedition

1. Toast- the hummingbird
2. The man on the plane who told us all about AZ’s finest activities
3. Audience sitting in family room watching the News on TV, fully engrossed in the day’s happenings being reported. Aunt runs excitedly into room and says, “You’ll never believe who I just got off the phone with…”“Not now, ______,” Uncle says. “Save it.”
4. Red Balloon Discovery
5. Scottles, the parakeet
6. “Baked Potato” winning over “Super Model” for the word “dainty”
7. “WHATEVER”…. Even said by 60-year old uncles
8. Organic foods and sun tan lotion
9. Decorating homes
10. Honk!

There is your ten. Vote on whichever one strikes a cord way down deep. Love you all! T


Luke said...

Definitely #3. I think I would've died laughing.

Heather said...

#5 Organic foods=YUMMM!! And suntan lotion=sun!!!

Ryan said...

I'll definitely have to follow Luke's lead on this one. Num. Three is pretty funny. Good times

e mae said...

4 I just like the thought of a red balloon floating gracefully through the air. It makes a wonderful picture in my mind...

thedoorsopen said...

3, its also the most manly

sarah said...

number 4, four, IV.....

sarah said...

never mind i meant number 6. for real.

Codymo said...

Three.....simply because that was hilarious and you know the poor guy probably got in trouble later for it=)

Priscilla said...

#1...just because I like hummingbirds..and his name is cute. That was his name wasn't it. You didn't actually toast him?!!!

taryn said...

Yes- that was his name! Thank you! My friend thought it was dumb I wanted to name him that, but it was the first thing that came to my mind and it just fit. :)