Sunday, July 02, 2006

Final Days of the Western Expedition Featuring Photo Gallery

Days 6-9 of the Western Expedition


Well, I don’t really want to bore you with details of this day… because basically, it was our “shopping” day. ☺ Come on- a vacation with a bunch of girls… it’s to be expected. Anyway, we did meet my cousin, Stef, and her 2 daughters for lunch at Le Madeline’s.

As if the day wasn’t centered enough around being a girl, we had “girl’s night” at my aunt’s house (where we were staying), and all of my girl cousins came over to enjoy an evening of fun. We sat around, talked, and laughed the evening away.


We all awoke early to journey up to Oak Creek. Some of you who are aware of current events may have heard that there have been severe fires around the Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon area. The fire had potential to go as far as Slide Rock in Sedona, and if the firemen were not going to be able to contain it, they were just going to let it keep burning… which meant our cabin in the mountains built by my Grandpa which held so many memories would be lost forever. By God’s grace, the fire was contained, the firemen did an excellent job, and although many parts are still burning (as we were able to see on our drive there and back), our Junipine cabin is safe and sound.

We enjoyed a day of relaxation up in Oak Creek… God’s beautiful creation and mighty works are displayed so clearly as you take in the breathtaking features that paint such an amazing picture to enjoy.


After waking up to a beautiful Oak Creek and enjoying it for most of the morning, we got in the car and took a detour to Jerome. What is Jerome? It is a ghost town located high, high up in a mountain. Most of the buildings/homes there are abandoned and/or broken down, the sidewalks are uneven and cracked, and there are 3 levels of city blocks situated on one-way roads to walk through. The city has a ton of character because of its condition, and a lot of small little shops and diners have moved there to do business. A horse and carriage rides up and down the streets, and people (mainly tourists) walk in and out of the shops sprinkled throughout. Such a ghost town like Jerome was pleasant to visit, and was a joy for getting some great photography.

We caught a cheese crisp at Julio G’s on the way home, and finished the night off relaxing around the house.


Sniff*Sniff- the last day to enjoy ourselves in the sun. We went to breakfast, caught a 40% off sale, made some chocolate chip cookie dough, and then headed out to the sun. A couple of my cousins and their kids came over for the day, and we enjoyed vegging out, visiting, and then ate a dinner of brats and hot dogs that night. A pleasant last day to end on!

Sunday… The day of travel… tiring, but good to be back.

Please enjoy the Photo Gallery below:

The beginning shot of the trip at Gate 8 in Peoria

Remember the talkative man on the plane? He's the one behind Kristi in this shot

Kristi, slightly scared and tense as we are taking off

The new hat I got at the Mall of America

My mom and aunt on the elevator!

Red Balloon Discovery!

Andrea, Krystle and me (my cuz's)

Oh... dear Scottles, the bird

The afternoon that Kristi and I attempted Tennis in the hot AZ sun

A very strange shot that just had to be shared

Cool shot

The signs of a successful day of shopping

Kristi, my Uncle and I after enjoying a great steak dinner

My cousins, mom, aunts, and I, laughing... not quite sure what about, but we were having a good time!

My mom and Kristi attempting a game

My friend... Kristi didn't really like him

In the garden at Garland's before having a great supper

Beautiful Oak Creek

Kristi and I with Jerome displayed in the background

This sign was in the small diner we ate at in Jerome, and I thought it was cute

My mom and I in Jerome

On the way home from Oak Creek/Jerome, I saw this highway. I would like to drive there someday...

Kristi and I playing Nerds... the game of the trip

Last shot of the trip, loading up all the luggage

Love you all! T


Kristi said...

Wow!!! You posted all of them :) I had an amazing time and it makes me sad that we're not still there! Fun times, long lasting memories! I love you!

Luke said...

Ah yes...the memories...ahhhh...

thedoorsopen said...

I played tennis on that court! And that one game you played I played (sand, table, slidder things?), and I'm assuming that the pool shot is from the same pool I swam in, totally awesome...

Ducky's place is pretty sweet. Glad I could use the courts before you did! hehe

Gab said...

niiiiiice picts.