Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tricia- Part I

Announcement: My Top Ten Tuesday is officially only going to occur once a month on a Tuesday. Any comments, questions, concerns or complaints can be directed to my blog editor.

Today's post will focus on the fourth "T" of our soon to be expired T House. Next fall, the T House girls along with two newbies will be moving into a house closer to ISU campus. While I am excited to welcome the new girls (who will have their fair share of "Room mate, Part I, II, and III's), it is time now to center our attention around TP. No, I have not forgotten about her. Please understand that having 3 room mates is a huge responsiblity for a blogger like myself, and I cannot simply just have my "Room mate, Parts I, II, and III's" within weeks or even months of each other. That would be overkill. They must be spaced out so as to keep proper reverence. So brace yourselves- Here is Tricia, Part I:

We will roll out Part I with 10 random facts so as to properly transition all of you Top Ten Tuesday-sick folk. Consider this your rehab for the time being until another Top Ten comes around (within the next 2 weeks.)

1. Tricia sometimes goes by TP or Trikia.

2. She drives a green truck. This truck sometimes has sand bags in the back, and has even been known to be used as a swimming pool.

3. Tricia ALWAYS has a good story.

4. She has the most melodic, beautiful voice and coupled with her extreme guitar skills, she could blow any audience away.

5. TP is very laid back, easygoing, and fun to be around--all in one. People like that are hard to find, so I am a lucky to have one as my room mate and friend.

6. When Tricia thinks something is funny, she shows it with a big, appreciative laugh. I love it when people show their amusement without fear, and she knows how- sometimes, we have been known to laugh so hard together that we cry. We try not to make this too often a practice.

7. She is bilingual. Some days, she even humors me enough to let me carry on a conversation in French with her. Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas.

8. She has a wonderful missionary heart, and her ability to reach out to others in a Christ-like way is natural.

9. She is going to Europe this summer to bask in the essence of becoming culturally educated- an opportunity TP will make the most of with her French speaking abilities and friendly personality.

10. I always know that I will have a good talk with Tricia. Her heart and mind are always focused!

Remember- no voting on this one. Just read and enjoy, and comments are welcome. Enjoy, and I love you all!


Gab said...

just wanted to comment on the lack of top ten tuesdays... yeah i'm thoroughly disappointed. cmon it's this your major or something?!


natz said...

Great post. I am a huge fan of Tricia.

Luke said...

Umm...I vote for number 5.

scott said...

she's going to europe??? i'm feeling a little jealousy welling up. i'll try to repress it, mais je ne sais pas si je peux. j'espere retourner un jour. ah, my french is rusty. i really need to go back.

Priscilla said...

She sounds like a wonderful girl! I'm sure it is a privilege to know her.

I wish I was fluent in French. It would come in handy while camping in Quebec. Going for camp supplies is so intimidating. I'm never even sure if I'm getting the correct change back when I buy things.

I have a french last name...does that count?

thedoorsopen said...

will you still be the T-house? (are you a traditionalist or a realist, I think it would be a fallacy to choose an -ist from that information, but tell me anyway).

nice post.

jared z said...

still waiting for our pictures taryn....no hurry it was only a week ago now

e mae said...

I LOVE TRICIA TOO....she's great. I lvoe you too taryn. you're great. have a great day.

tameria said...

I'm a little late in my commenting. But in case people do read this...Tricia is INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! She has taught me so much through her Godly character. I love you Trish! And will miss you!