Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday 11

This Tuesday's Top Ten will require a little bit of reminiscing. But it will be fun. Find below the top ten (which probably means the top ten most random) comments made on my blog since I started it. To keep things confidential, I'm inlcuding neither the name of the person who left the quote, neither any names included in the quote itself (although, I suppose that if you wanted to, you could go back and find out for yourself).

1. Well _____, when you get married and realize that your wife hates bacon, then you should go into social work.

2.I am totally going to stalk that hot ______. In fact, I watch her from my balcony already.


Did you know if you type the word verification into your comment and then hit "Login and Publish" without actually typing it into the box it will keep your comment and give you a new word! Then you can make cool lists like mine! I'm SO cool. :)


(said by someone with no life...)

4.Thank you for exploiting my life.

5.Umm... I'd be sad if my friends called me a turtle...

6.Mint oreos? That is like chicken flavored gum drops. It just ruins the flavor.

7.I wonder how many 1983 nickels a mall pond cleaner outer finds a year? Hmmmm.

8.As a side note, steak is definitely a gift from God.

9.I have many moments like that. I just usually have them on my own and NEVER tall anyone about them. Ok, so I don't have that many, but I do have them every once in a while. Ok, I never have them. Just trying to make them feel better.

10.Crocodiles ARE cool....
But I don't find them very comfortable!

Have fun! And NO, you may not voite for you OWN comment! I love you all, T


Ryan said...

I think I'm going to have to go with number 9. It probably made me laugh the most. So do we have some thumbs up for College Weekend from Taryn and all of you faithful readers?

Luke said...

Yep number 9 is definitely the coolest. Although I did enjoy Ryan's comment! :) I totally agree!

natz said...

Taryn- Great idea for a post. Those are fun quotes. :)

Remember when you told me to let you know on any errors I found? Check #9. 'tall'

e mae said...

I will have to break the mold of #9 and go with one BECAUSE....i hate bacon so I guess I better marry someone in social work. I guess that isn't an all bad thing...he'll know how to communicate with me i'd hope ;) great top ten...prolly one of my favs!

taryn said...

Hey Nat, you forgot to mention that I mispelled "vote" in the last sentence. :) Hee hee. Thanks for the correction, from one spelling bee champ to another...

sarah said...

I say number 6. Just because it's weird.

Anonymous said...

No. 5

thedoorsopen said...

-I am totally going to stalk that hot ______. In fact, I watch her from my balcony already.

-Thank you for exploiting my life.

referencing Traci I believe... strange, I'd say a tie for those two.

To make things difficult, I think the recent one "hmm.... if I was a boy i would want to marry __________." is a cult classic, it gets my top vote!

I agree with Natz, thanks for making my life even more enjoyable with such a fun post.