Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday I

My blog needs something consistent and fun. Here is what I propose:

Top Ten Tuesdays.

Other than being inspired by Priscilla's Thurday Thirteens (thanks for the idea! :) I'm making this up as I go, so forgive the unorganization of it all.

Top Ten Tuesday posts will be made weekly, every Tuesday. I will post my top ten "somethings" of the week. These "somethings" could be memories, stories, activities, verses, movies, foods... WHATEVER. The topic will be whatever I feel like, yet I am open to requests.... I'm all about pleasing the audience.

The only rule for Top Ten Tuesday posts is that if you comment, you must include what number of the top ten is your favorite, and why.

Let's start off nice 'n easy, with a subject dear to my heart as I worked at Dairy Queen for 6 years.

Today's Top Ten Tuesdays's Topic: Ice Cream Creations.

1. A-top a sugar cone from 31 Flavors: a scoop of mint chocolate chip on the bottom, and a scoop of chocolate-peanutbutter on top (anyone who went to Florida with me knows this.)

2. A peanutbutter cup blizzard from DQ with chocolate ice cream and brownie chunks.

3. A homemade skillet cookie with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and a cherry.

4. A homemade brownie with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and a cherry.

5. A Chocolate Extremem blizzard from DQ (includes cocoa fudge, brownie chunks, and chocolate chips)

6. A Strawberry Cheesecake blizzard from DQ.

7. A Brownie Earthquake from DQ (2 balls of soft serve surrounded by a pair of Oreo brownie wedges, with hot fudge and marshmallow sauce drizzled on top, finished off with a couple of schoops of Oreo pieces and some whipped cream)... I also get mine with caramel sauce

8. A swirl cone from DQ dipped in chocolate

9. A Banana Split (DQ)

10. A Mocha Moo Latte from DQ

I'll anxiously await the results...

I love you all, T.


krisT said...

I'd have to say #3. For some reason I'm craving chocolate chip cookies now.. It's a lil cold out to have ice cream, but that sure sounds good.

Gab said...

all of the above.
when does DQ open??????

taryn said...

Kristi- mmm. Another suggestion is a double skillet cookie from Cheddar's... can't beat that.

Gab- ha. Not sure. February something. Let's go there when it does.

taryn said...

p.s. Gab- you should get Brooke to comment on this post. :D

Luke said...

6. 'cause it's the only one with berries in it.

Jenny said...

#3, since brett taught me how to make them they are my favorite!

Heather said...

i'm craving ice cream now.

my favorite is a strawberry, bluberry, raspberry, banana blizzard from DQ.

taryn said...

Heather- you failed to pick a number. Therefore, you are disqualfied from commenting on ANY of my future Top Ten Tuesday posts.

Just kidding. But just know I'm only making the exception because you are my good friend, and I happen to know that for a fact you like that kind of blizzard, and I suppose that just this once I can let it slide...

JakeGman said...

#10 is my favorite on the list...I like anything with cofee in it...my favorite ice cream is Mocha with chocalate chunks...hand dipped and in a waffle cone...the best is Kilwin's in Northern Michigan!!

Just an idea, but you should start with 10 and work your way down to #1...it would be more exciting that way...oh the anticipation! :)

Kristi said...

I would have to say #10 because I definately like mocha, or #3. It's basically a tie. I just can't decide between the two.

Priscilla said...

Hmmm. 10 sound good...but then again so does number 6. Anything coffee or cheesecake. Can't they come up with coffee cheesecake? I have to say that the thusday thirteen is not my idea...I stole it from someone else. I've seen it on a few other blogs as well. I might steal this idea too!

taryn said...


At Dairy Queen, we can concoct anything you want. Next time you go there, just ask for a mocha cheesecake blizzard. Mmmm.

sarah said...

Definitely number six. Because I like sweet stuff, but not so sweet that it turns rich. Then I can only eat a few bites and I'm done. The only exception being a DQ cookie dough blizzard.

Priscilla said...

Oh my! A mocha cheescake blizzard sounds wonderful!

jOeL said...

I would have to say #3 only because that is the only number that you can muliply by 4.333333 and equal 13. Which is how long the longest recorded chicken flight is. 13 secs. And also cuz I love cookies.