Sunday, January 08, 2006

FL cont.

Thursday, January 5

Tammy and Tracy's last day. Very sad day for them. It was also the first day without the boys... took us all awhile to recover from that one. Actually, we welcomed the girl time :) although I do have to say, it was much more relaxed and lazy, spent mostly lounging by the pool or on the beach. That night, we walked to a grill by the pier and ate supper. Good quality time before the two unfortunate T's had to leave early the next morning.

Friday, January 6

Trish and I slept in until after 10 in the king size bed... ahhh. Upon viewing the outside weather of cloudiness and a chilly 60 degrees, we caught a taxi and hit the mall for the day. After that, we walked to Borders and read awhile. That night, we went out to supper with Tricia's aunt and uncle and family. Fun times!

Saturday, January 7

Nice day.... absolutely perfect. Blue skies and high 60's with all sunshine. A bit chilly, but I'm not complaining! We lounged around until the afternoon when we went roller blading for a very long time... about 8-10 miles, then stopped for ice cream. Mmmmm. That night was a movie with Trish's cousin, Joe.

This was also a very unhealthy eating day for me. I'm very neutral towards it- I'm not the type to feel guilty about such a thing, especially on a vacation... I most just find humor in it:

Breakfast: small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios
Lunch: Hotdog with ketchup and mustard and a Coke
Mid Afternoon Snack: Snickers Ice Cream bar
Late Afternoon Snack: Brownie sundae with chocolate peanutbutter ice cream
Supper: Half a bag of Large Popcorn and a Coke

That night for 3 hours, I edited a "Florida Trip 2006" movie with pictures, music, and video (including some pretty great skimboard wipe outs in the ocean). It will be a good keepsake... fun stuff!

Sunday, January 8

Church! Trish and I then enjoyed our LAST afternoon in the sun. Ahhh. We ate dinner with Trish's aunt and uncle and cousins- it was pretty mcuh amazing. We now sit and relax after packing.

I must say, this trip has been amazingly fun in more ways than one. I will soon be returning north to the cold.

On January 1, I finished reading through the Bible in a year. I was very excited to have completed that, but at the same time, kind of sad. I used a plan that I absolutely LOVED, and it kept me on a very strict reading schedule that I enjoyed immensely. Knowing that I would have to come up with something new kind of stressed me out, because I was so used to my reading plan that kept me scheduled.

I finally decided that the next thing I want to do is read through Paul's 13 letters in the New Testament. My friend and I put them in chronological order, so I want to read them in that order and work through them slowly. It will be good to dive in to God's Word a little deeper and slower, and it will also allow me great time to focus on memorization!

If anyone ever wants to try the plan I used to read through the Bible in a year, let me know. It was phenemonal... I loved it.
Mondays= law
Tuesdays= history
Wednesdays= psalms
Thursdays= poetry
Fridays= prophecy
Saturdays= Gospels
Sundays= Epistles

Go here and check it out!

Alright. I'm out. I love you all, and will update in a few days when I'm home and settled in.



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You look tan

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i want to be tan