Saturday, January 21, 2006


At 2:30 p.m., I sat down at my computer to start working on my portfolio. It is now 7:42 p.m. and I have not budged since then.

Ok, maybe I got up a few times to get a drink or change my CD. But other than that, I have been extremely concentrated on my project. You could have brought in a band and started marching around me with drums, trumpets, and horns, and I probably wouldn't have noticed.

The good news is that we know I'm in the right major; I don't know many other people who would sit down for 5 hours and work at a computer unphased. Most of my friends would rather eat grass. Of course, I could never be on my feet for 12 hour shifts like others, so it takes all kinds. I am nowhere near done (ok, MAYBE halfway), but I have found a way to do what I want to do, so that excites me! I am creating my multimedia portfolio in something called iDVD, a simple program that comes with the operating system of a Mac if you get one. I won't bore you with multimedia jibberish, because most of you either a.) don't care, or b.) don't know what I'm talking about, but I will just say that it offers me a way to include past PowerPoints, videos, graphic design, photography, and audio into my portfolio, and that makes me VERY happy!

Yesterday, I learned a lot of html coding in one of my classes. It is quite thrilling; I can now create a website by typing a little code into a text editor and saving it as an .htm... wow! The joys of web design.

A Starbucks mocha frappucino is sounding REALLY good right now. Does anyone want to go get me one? There are none in Morton. Hey, we got a Steak 'n Shake, so I'd say a Starbucks is in order.

I'm quite scattered right now, but I'm going to attempt focusing myself. Then I'm going to get up from this chair and try not to exert all of my pent-up energy too fast. So here's my topic:

"Trusting Always."

Ok, here it is... often times, it's EASY to trust God when everything is going our way. The car started this morning. There was milk in the refridgerator when I fixed a bowl of cereal. I still had a job when I walked into work. My teacher showed up for class to teach me. I was able to work out at the gym. There is enough money in your bank account to pay the bills. Etcetera.... It's easy to trust God when we can trust that our life is how we want it.

But what if the car didn't start? The milk man didn't show up? You lost your job? Your teacher failed you? You broke your leg? You got a little low on finanaces?

Suddenly, your life looks a little bit less in control, and it's time to turn to God.

Ah ah ah, "turn to God." Why weren't you there before? Because everything was great. We should be ALWAYS trusting God, even if life DOES seem grand, because it doesn't take much to throw you off, and if your focus isn't where it should be, life can get bad really fast.

Often times, when things in my life happen which are contrary to my liking, it causes me to examine a newer, better perspective... the ETERNAL perspective. It reminds me that, "Hey Taryn, this life isn't all there is, so stop consuming yourself with it." It reminds me that my job here on earth is far beyond going to college, working at a job, or paying the bills. It is essentially a pre-requisite to Heaven, and how we perform in this "class" is going to affect us eternally. Am I so wrapped up in the "questions, comments, and concerns" of this world that I overlook the real reason I'm here in the first place? It's important to lead a reasonable life while here, but WHERE is the focus and where is my trust?

Time to eat!

I love you all!



jOeL said...

I like how you used pent-up and jibberish in the same post. It adds a nice touch. I'll have to try that sometime.

jake said...

I know, trusting is easier said than done. It's easy to say you trust that God will provide when you have everything you want...but could we say "God is good, I'll trust Him" if we were sold as a slave, or asked to sacrifice our child, or if we were in Job's shoes, with no answers about anything going on in our life... I realize I don't know from experience very much at all about trusting God.

Heather said...

T- thanks for the AMAZING cookies last night. And for letting me come over to watch your tv and to sit in your mom's massage chair all while you worked on your portfolio and did homrwork.

But I'm glad that we had a chance to talk and to catch up a bit. I always love how we both say the same thing, just in a differnt way. And then we expound on what the other one said and say it all over again. At least we agree and know we are on the same page. Thanks for the encouragement and the accountability. Your a great friend.

taryn said...

Joel- I have a way with words.

Jake- I agree. I thought of Job a lot as I wrote this post. We are so blessed. What is it to really trust God? If we are going to really experience trust, I almost think it requires for us to be forced to take trust off our earthly things and BE put in a situation where we have no control, and we know it. It takes a complete shedding of the cares of this world until we are stripped bare with nothing left... and we realize then that Christ must be our all.

Heather- You are welcome for all. I am also grateful for the good catch-up time. I was laughing at your comment; it is so true!- how we listen to each other and then have to give our own restated version of the exact same thing (kind of like what I'm doing right now). It's good stuff, though. You know, considering that you and me love to talk so much, it's a wonder we are both capable of sitting and listening to one another for extended periods of time.... probably, thus the "restatements." Heaven forbid you or I didn't get or 2 cents' worth in.


Luke said...

Great reminder Taryn. I appreciated it.

Priscilla said...

Absolutely! What is faith that has not been tried?

If you have not been tried in this life yet...hold on to your seat, because chances are, you will be.

krisT said...

Thanks for those thoughts Taryn..