Friday, March 16, 2012

Music to My Ears

The other day, I was sitting at the chiropractor's office, waiting my turn. As the music played overhead, I remembered a particular conversation I had with my chiropractor the week before.

"Let's see... you seem to like Country, and Jazz," I deduced.

He laughed. "If you hang out here long enough, you will hear a little bit of everything."

He was right. On this morning, a Country song was playing. I am not a huge fan of this genre of music. I was flipping through a magazine haphazardly and letting the tunes fill my subconcious.

Suddenly, I noticed my foot was tapping, and I had the sudden urge to stand up and do a cartwheel. I then realized that a jazz song came oldie but a goodie, probably a Frank Sinatra.

It's funny, the change that came over me without realizing it. I can remember when I first figured out that I loved jazz. I was in college, and I always had a brighter outlook when 8 heard this music. It is 'feel good' music, and it inspires something within me.

I find it interesting that by default, we are wired to enjoy a certain type of music. Jazz is one of those things that definitely reaches my soul; it's an internal appreciation that is there by nature.

I can sometimes feel this way about classical music, too. I love to listen to it, and I especially enjoy playing it on the piano. There is something about the way it flows that just makes sense, and it exhilirates me.

One of my other top genres is Pop. The main pitfall here is subject content. Unfortunately, in today's world, there is very little in this genre that isn't...well, simply put, trash. The message of most of this, at least the songs we see hit the top of the charts, is terrible. So I do try to limit my intake, and I search for the treasures in this area that have something nice to say. At the end of the day, though, it just makes me want to keep moving! It's great exercise music :)

In the spiritual world, I love hymns. Nothing says it to me quite like the well-written, insightful, and incredibly unique lyrics in hymns. I love the variety of melody and verse. Praise & Worship has it's place, too, but I find myself more moved by a thoughtful hymn rather than a repetitive and emotional praise song.

Well, there is my music review. Tune in next time for more thoughts on another topic! There are usually lots floating through my head on any given day!

Love you all... T

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sarah said...

I'm a big fan of country myself. Maybe we should plan to never take a roadtrip together because I would probably drive you crazy flipping through the stations looking for some country! Or southern gospel:)