Saturday, March 10, 2012

18 Minutes

Lucky for you (or for the ones who don't prefer my LONG blog posts), I only have 18 minutes to write this. That may seem like a long time, but it's really not when you're writing. Another contributing factor is that I have no topic.

But I promised I would try to write more often, so here I go.

It's funny, but I find that I can easily put things into words when I write, but not so easily when I verbally express. Every once in awhile, I can be vocally inspirational, but mostly, I would rather write a person my thoughts than say them. Some may call this a copout, but really it's just a preference due to how I'm wired. In the past 5 years, I have learned to better communicate verbally to those who prefer that form of communication. And trust me, it has been a learning experience.


A few things I'm thankful for in the present:

1) Popcorn. Just finished a bowl. It's my favorite night-time snack.

2) Daylight Savings. The time changes tonight. I LOVE it that the days will soon be better lit!

3) Real Simple magazine. The most recent issue is sitting beside me on the couch. It's just a fun read.

Very trivial things, but it's fruitful to be thankful. Last night, a friend mused, isn't it funny how most people only remember the good times in life? I do believe that part of that is due to how a particular individual is wired, and those who are more realistic and pessimistic don't always only remember the good things BUT I do think that as humans, we have a tendency to relive and laugh about the moments that are fun and joyful and bright, so that is what sticks. Furthermore, it's a defense mechanism to cover up sadness and hurt... who wants to relive that? OK, enough psychology for tonight. My point is, it's good for your health and mind and well-being to be thankful!

Love you all!


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