Thursday, January 12, 2012

White and Bright

My last blog post received unexpected popular support and tears. This encourages me to continue writing, and perhaps lighten the mood a bit.

Today is our first real snowfall of the winter. I'm a fan of the late-winter appearance. While a White Christmas warms the heart with Holiday cheer, if the alternative means a dozen blue-sky 50 degree days instead, I'm game. I'm a sucker for the sunshine and the warmth. By now, I am usually sinking into a mild Seasonal Affect Disorder depression and dreaming about beaches and pineapple and sun tan lotion at night.

To the contrary, I just checked the calendar and was pleasantly surprised to see that my Florida trip is coming up sooner than I thought. Additionally, Kristi and I just booked a desert wedding in ARIZONA for THIS MARCH! We are over the moon. We purchased the airfare today. Not only does Phoenix offer a magnificent backdrop for this event, I also have an amazing family to stay with and visit. Plus, AZ is beautiful this time of year... bursts of pink flowers paired with sunny day smiles. The explosion of color is a sure contrast to our grayish Marches in the Midwest...

...and might I mention that by the end of March, my Florida tan will likely be starting to fade, so why not fuel up on sun again?

I'm done bragging. Onto the next topic... Cousin's Coffee. I started attending last Thursday morning. It's delightful. A bunch of us "loosely-related-Domnick-cousins" get together for coffee and chatter at a local coffee shop in Morton. We sit around a big table, sip lattes and tea, and tell stories. I love it. There are many ages present... I love the variety.

Anyway. While I would love to stay and write on, I should wrap it up. 5:01 on a Thursday evening... I need to slosh through the slush and drive home, eat a leftover chicken enchilda for dinner, and meet a friend at 7.

Love you all!


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