Monday, March 07, 2011

While in FL

Today was the first day back from my week-long vacation in Florida. While it was lovely, and by lovely, I mean: sunny skies, sand & water, eating out, and fun with girls... by the end of the week, I was ready to return. I love a good trip, but am usually itching to return to real life at some point. It doesn't take away from the fun I had, it's just a good sign that I love the life I lead away from my vacations so much that it's not a terrible thing in which to return. :)

Every vacation teaches me new lessons. Here were my FL finds:

It's All Relative
I couldn't stop using this phrase the whole week. While I feel it can be widely overused, it is so true in so many cases. "It's relative" can apply to a lot of things. For instance, morning coffee. My morning coffee consists of an instant Starbucks packet + a dash of cinnamon mixed with instant hot water, poured into a ceramic cup. Leah's morning coffee is a Diet Coke. Both give us the caffeinated start we so desire... so whether you drink SB or DC, it's all relative, right?

Now of course, my coffee choice changes if a drive-thru Starbucks is within range...

I love the sun. At times, I underestimate it's power. On Day 1 of the Florida beach, I lathered up with a generous amount of SPF, which in hindsight, was probably not strong enough for the first day, only once. No reapplications. No second thoughts.

Until we returned home that evening and saw the aftermath... then I used SPF 50 and 70 on certain areas the rest of the week. And the day before I came home, I was peeling everywhere.

There is a consequence for every area of your life you don't protect...

I Still Love Birds
It's true. I'm not sure what it is about birds, but I do love the ones that live on the beach. One day, I even fed them part of my PB&J. My first experience on the beach was in Siesta Key when I was 5 years old. There is a picture of me jumping up into the air and feeding the birds bread. I am including it below to see that in 20 years, not much has changed...

Sunsets are a Big Deal
In Florida, if you are on the beach during a sunset, it is like any big Hollywood Premier. Cameras are out, people are watching, and when the sun goes down... everyone claps.

"Pelicans : Water" are like "Taryn : Dessert"
You all thought that I loved dessert and would do anything for it. You may have even thought I was the only one this crazy about getting good food. Think again. I have some competition: pelicans. I had the opportunity to watch pelicans go after their meal, and it was quite the show. All at once, from their spot in the sky, they eye their prey and then nose dive at high speeds, splashing into the water to catch what they see. Similar to how I spot a peanut butter pie dessert on the menu, flag down the waitress, and order it immediately.

Ice Cream Tastes Better on the Beach
I have eaten ice cream in February in Central IL, and I have eaten ice cream in February on Siesta Key Beach. The beach wins.

Friends are Fun
Friends are fun while eating, dancing, driving, and walking. Friends are fun in Illinois, friends are fun in Arizona, friends are fun in Florida. Friends are fun anywhere you go, but especially when you're on vacation.

Love you all!


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