Friday, March 25, 2011

Green is on the Way!

Another Friday afternoon update.

I have been feeling a bit un-clever lately. With the exception of yesterday afternoon. I was just coming off my afternoon-coffee "high" and purchased a "Pep Upper" smoothie,

"With half the amount of caffeine, please."

A smoothie named "Pep Upper" is bound to have a dose of that.

Well. Caffeine is caffeine, and I had already had my fair share. After slurping down half of it, Kristi and I were sitting in the parking lot waiting for our senior to arrive for our photo session. Suddenly, everything turned hilarious, including myself. I laughed at everything I said. Kristi wasn't impressed.

Anyway, I don't make a habit of that. I really didn't think about it until it happened. I usually try to limit myself. (i.e. 1 soda a day. 1 coffee a day. etc.) And generally, I do a pretty good job. Except for days like yesterday.

So, for a week there, I was starting to get used to what Spring could feel like. One evening, I even took a bike ride. I love bike rides. Of course, I had to swallow my fear of wiping out again (it was about this time last year that I had my near-fatal crash). That doesn't stop me from wearing headphones, but I do still sport my pink & purple helmet (the one I purchased at Walmart after the incident-- in the kids' aisle). And yes, I strap my helmet OVER the headphones. Not the safest option, but it just makes me that much more aware visually, not to mention that if I DID fall, at least my head would be padded.

Hunger is creeping in... supper time is near. So I will close with a picture that I took at a recent family event. This was one of those too-good-to-be-true days in March where the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and everyone wore t-shirts outside. The grass even looked greener.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love you all- T

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