Monday, August 02, 2010

Visual Update

I recently had a request to start sharing more pictures on my blog. Tonight seems like a great night to do this, because I'm a little exhausted and words are short (believe it or not). And what can I say, I like to please the crowd.

So in an effort to explain what I've been up to over the past week, here is a recap in photos.

I will be trudging through a busy tomorrow, and then early Wednesday morning I will be flying out of Peoria and headed to California. I am very excited. My aunt called me a couple months ago and asked if I'd be interested in coming out during their family vacation to take family pictures. I agreed.

They have a wonderful place in CA. We will be spending time in Coronado and San Diego. It's been a long time since I've experienced this state, so I am looking forward to the trip. I will be there through the weekend. I'm sure pictures will follow sometime soon.

About that recap. Here it is...

In NO particular order (since blogger uploaded these randomly and I don't currently feel like reorganizing them):

Garden Party at Katie & Arlan's. This was the table I did not sit at.

Blueberry Picking while in Michigan.

Go-Karting at Holly's in MI.

One of the kitties at Plattner's house

Milo, getting so old already!! Aunt Tonya is holding him.

Sunflower field in MI. P.S. There's a HUGE sunflower growing in our Imagine Artists garden!!

Garden Party "scene" at Katie & Arlan's. Hors-d'oeurves and wine.

Amazing summer salad at the garden party.

Back in MI. Some intense 2-on-2 volleyball.

Croquet at the garden party. We played!

Sylvia turns 1. Eating some cake at her birthday party.

Kent, diving for the ball.

Naomi's method of eating raspberries.

The group that went to MI. Here we are with the product of our blueberry picking.

By far the best move of the volleyball game, by none other than former gymnast Holly.

A shot of the pier on Grand Haven Beach.

My table at the garden party. Fantastic company!

Sophie & Tillie on the tire swing.

Tillie Sue

We were piled on the tire swing... it was me, Sophie, Naomi, Tillie, and Beau. And the camera. Spinning really fast!

Food at the garden party. Thanks to Katie & Arlan!
Tire swings = happiness

A little bit of croquet action.


Evidently this is the hottest fad among ankle-biters... silly bandz. Hmmm. I mean, I came from the generation of beanie babies and giga pets. To me, I think this phenomenon is a bit of a downgrade...

More fun times on the tire swing.

Little climbers

My dad had another birthday. 63... or something? Oh, but he's young at heart. Silas is always available to help blow out the candle.

Sophie & Naomi
That's a wrap. Late night at the office... and I need to get home and clean, pack, and find my way to bed sometime tonight. Love you all. Be back soon.


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