Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am happy to announce that it was in the 40's today. I love the mild weather, and I hope it feels free to stick around.

All week, I have been making discoveries.

My first discovery is regarding 2 foods that I used to despise. One is tomatoes. I never liked them. I think they taste like dirt, literally. Or a garden. I feel like I'm taking a juicy bite out of a square of garden when I eat one. That might not make much sense, but think of it this way: Do you know those foods that just taste like they smell? It's kind of like that. 

So anyway, I had an amazing Valentine's Dinner (fixed for a tableful of girls by 4 great guys!), and among one of the dishes was this wonderful chicken with rice and diced tomatoes. They were marvelous. I loved them. Then, that same week, I ate a tomato on my hamburger. And then, the very next night, I ordered a salad with tomatoes in it. What??

I know. So add tomatoes to the list of foods that I have acquired a liking for, right along with coffee, onions, and peppers. 

Two foods that I doubt will ever make the list are olives and mushrooms.

I also discovered that I like Butterfinger. This was actually something I came to in Africa. My sister-in-law bought me some boxes of candy to take along, and one of those was Butterfinger. I put them in a little bag and took them with me, and basically fell in love with the candy. I mean, why wouldn't I like it? I love peanut butter cups, and I LOVE chocolate-peanut butter desserts. What was I thinking all those years, turning my nose up at butterfingers?

So there we have it. My 2 food discoveries.

Another discovery was to find out that Dairy Queen in Morton opened yesterday. Hooray! This means 1 of 2 things:

1. Spring is on it's way, and 
2. Even if it doesn't warm up for awhile, I can comfort myself with the fact that the best soft serve in the US will be served up across the street from my office AND 3 blocks away from my home. 

Then when it does get warm, I'll spend most of my time outside, taking walks and riding my bike to burn off all the ice cream I ate. Haha. 

But really, it's an exciting thing in this town. How exciting? This exciting: Last night, as I was driving along Main St. at 9:30 pm, I looked over to the lit-up DQ. Understand that this is not an indoor joint. You stand OUTSIDE the window to get your treat. So anyway, as I am driving in the dark of the night, freezing rain is drizzling down and spiking my wind shield, and the streets are a little icy. Yet out in front of DQ is standing a LINE of customers, waiting for their blizzards & ice cream cones, in the freezing rain. 

That's Morton for you.

I just wish it had been me. But, I had just returned from all day in Chicago, and I was off to my night-time job. Not to worry, I told myself. I'll just get one today.

Well, I ate at Steak n Shake for lunch. And who goes there and doesn't order a cookies n' cream shake? And 2 ice creams in one day sounds nice, but doesn't feel nice. So, better luck tomorrow.

Another discovery: I love laundromats. I spent all morning in one today working on a service project. Let me confess something. There is one in Morton, and I have always stared at it when I drive by. There is also one in Peoria right next to my favorite restaurant. I also stare at it every time I walk by. There is something so intriguing about a laundromat to me. There was this Golden Years book about a little boy going to a laundromat with his mom that I used to read when I was a little girl, and I loved it.

I have always secretly wanted to take pictures inside of a laundromat. I don't know why, but I think it would be so interesting to capture the different people who come in and do their laundry. Catch their story in a snapshot of one segment of their life. Maybe that sounds crazy to you, but someday I will probably do it. I am currently still living at home, but I decided that when I move out and if I can for a few months, it would be cool to do my laundry at a laundromat for awhile. Maybe then I can fulfill my dream to photograph inside of one. One thing I did note is that it's best to bring something else to work on while you wait. Such as a word jumble, the newspaper, a book, your laptop, or a bible study. Also, I love the idea of going to one place with a purpose. Doing laundry at home introduces a host of other distractions. I might have good intentions of doing the wash, but as soon as I walk out of the laundry room, there is a whole other playground of possibilities waiting for me. Before I know it, it's time for bed and my laundry still isn't done.

But a laundromat traps you. It says, "You aren't leaving here until your task is done." I often need that kind of structure in my life in order to be the most efficient. Call it ADD, call it easily distracted, call it whatever you want... but that's me. =)

Enough on discoveries. I'm signing off to go have dinner with friends. Love you all, and I'll be back soon. T

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