Thursday, January 01, 2009

your type.

As promised, this post will be devoted to personality types. I am very tempted to plunge into a full-fledged account of 2008, a welcomer of 2009, a recap of special memories and fond moments, or an opener for the new year.

Yet I will stay true to my word and instead dive into a topic that has continued to fascinated me over the years. There are certain things that become tiresome and boring, monotonous and drab after much study and research. However, any exposure to "personality type" information only adds fuel to the fire for me. My family members and friends often shake their head at me.

"How can you read the same thing over and over?" they ask.

I don't know. I just love it.

Here we go.


Start out by taking this test.
It is 72 questions long. Answer the questions as honestly as possible.

This will give you your 4-letter personality type based on the Myers-Briggs temperament preferences.

Each person has a type that consists of the 4 temperament pairs. You are either:
Extravert or Introvert
Sensing or Intuitive
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving

E/I Descriptions: Where we get our energy.
Extraverts act/speak first before thinking. They focus outwardly, are talkative, outgoing, and enjoy discussing. They are keen on variety and action, and tend to think out loud.

Introverts like to be alone. They prefer to focus inwardly, and may often appear more quiet. They enjoy one-on-one to big group interactions, and would rather reflect within rather than openly discuss.

S/N Descriptions: Information gathering- how we take in information.
Sensors prefer facts and concrete information. They are more interested in what is actual, and pay attention to specifics. They tend to be more practical and realistic, focusing on the present. Such types value commons sense and trust their past experience.

iNtuitives prefer insights and abstract information. They are more interested in what is possible, and focus on the big picture. Often inspired and imaginative, these types focus on the future and value innovation. They tend to be speculative and trust their imagination and hunches.

T/F Descriptions: How we evaluate information and make decisions.
Thinkers are firm-minded, and analyze any problem at hand. They are objective, and convinced by logic. Thinkers tend to be direct, value competence, and decide with their head. They value justice, are good at critiquing, and usually don't take things personally.

Feelers are gentle-hearted and sympathize with your problems. They are subjective, convinced by their values. They tend to be tactful, value relationships, decide with their heart, and value harmony. They can be seen as overemotional, are good at appreciating, and usually take things personally.

J/P Descriptions: What lifestyle we prefer.
Judging types seek closure and value structure. They plan ahead, like order, and have the mindset of "work now, play later." Such types like to complete projects, are goal-oriented, and want thinks settled and decided.

Perceivers seek openness and value the flow. They adapt as they go, and like flexibility. These types often "play now, work later," and like the startup phase of a project. They are process-oriented, a bit more easygoing, and like things open and spontaneous.


As you read those descriptions, it gives a breakdown of each preference and opens up insight about your assigned letter as well as shows you the opposing preference.

At this point, I want to point out one very important thing: There is no right or wrong personality type, or no "one ideal" preference or set of preferences. What this typology does is outlines our personality based on how we communicate, make decisions, and process information. It assigns preferences to us according to how we naturally carry out these areas in our lives. Each type has its positive points, and each type has its own pitfalls and area for personal growth.

In figuring out your own type and researching its tendencies, it opens up a whole new world of information that allows you to figure out why you think, act, and do the things that you do. It may solve some mysteries for you and may expose areas that you have wondered about. Furthermore, as you learn about the personality types of your family members and friends, it allows you to see why certain individuals may act, react, talk, or avoid the things that they do. It also brings to light potential problem areas in relationships, so that both involved may be aware of it and adapt to the other type accordingly.


This website gives great information on the 16 personality types formed from these 8 preferences. Once you figure out your type, you may visit this site and read about your own personality.

I own several informative books about these types. Leave a comment about what personality type you are and any other interesting information you found out, and let me know if you want me to share any other further notes with you... I would be happy to relay some more info specific to certain personality types!

I may do a follow-up post depending on interest.


My closing thoughts will include a selection from my Sanctuary Bible (NLT) retrieved from the Daily Sanctuary Devotional section:

"...our value and self-worth lie in the fact that we were created by God, in his image. Instead of basing our opinion of ourselves and others on the basis of looks (or personality, addition mine), we should base it on the wonder of who we are. We can run and cry and taste ice cream and program computers and write music. We are marvelous because the Creator made us so."

God has created us all uniquely, and perhaps to box us away within 16 personality types is not all-inclusive. It may generalize who we are as people and predict our patterns based off of theory, but who are we, really? Who we are is "precious in His sight," because we were made in his image.

May we flourish in the unique traits He has blessed us with, the many talents He has given unto us, and the copious preferences He has created in us. We have confidence not in ourselves, not in others or their words, but in who God has made us to be.

T, the text-book ENFP

personality information source: What Type Am I? Discovering Who You Really Are- Renee Baron.


Heather said...

I thought maybe I'd finally have a personality. Or a specific type at least! Apparently I am an INFJ now. Seriously. I took the test on 2 other sites and I was an ENFJ and an ISFJ on the other. Maybe your intuitiveness is rubbing off on me.

According to the test I am:

33% I
12% N
62% F
22% J

Whatever. I'm going to go have my identity crisis now.

taryn said...

That is such a complete riot, Heather. You remain a psychological mystery to me. INFJ? That's a new one.

I think you most closely match the personality of an ESFJ.

We will just come to the same conclusion that we always have: you are so well-rounded and dynamic that you do not tend towards the extreme of any one preference. Therefore, it allows you to be an excellent "people person" as a natural adapter of people. It's likely favorable to be in the middle rather than at an extreme as it allows you to be more flexible.

You are just so well balanced, Heather!!

Katie May said...

hmmm, very interesting! :]
i'm a ENFJ...i guess. haha.

22% E
25% N
50% F
89% J

Alyssa said...

I am a ESFJ, interesting cause I always have thought of myself as an introvert. Thanks for posting, I love stuff like this.

Gab said...

33% E
12% S
50% T
44% J

fed- it totally made me laugh how now it's saying youre INFJ. oh geez.

sarah said...

I think it was 11% E, 75%S, 30something% F and 44% J.

I think personalities are cool, too:)

taryn said...

Thanks to everyone who took the time to do this!!

I think it is so interesting and I hope you found it equally enlightening.

Heather- you shall forever remain my mysteriously unlabeled personality type friend.

Katie- ENFJ... I don't know many other ENFJs, so I'll have to read up more on the type. Looks like your highest preference was a J... are you an organizer??

Alyssa- I have an ESFJ friend and an ESFJ mother, so I know the type well! You're considered the ultimate "caregiver."

Gab- Looks like you have stayed pretty consistent... you and Laura are my ESTJ friends.

Sarah- Another ESFJ! You and Alyssa should talk.

Thanks guys! I may follow up later.