Monday, December 01, 2008

This Time

As I awoke this morning, a shocking realization hit me: when you work for yourself at home, there are no snow days.

Oh, well. At least it gives me something pretty to look at. And I might also note that it makes for very fun pictures. Check the Imagine Artists blog in the next few days for some fun family snow pictures.

I am making time now to write. Sometimes I don't give myself the "time" allotted to write. Whenever I get super busy, it's really hard for me to spend large amounts of creative energy on anything other than what needs to get done. This is actually how I view naps. Let me be the rare person who says: I despise naps. I truly do. First of all, I can never bring myself to take one. There is always too much to do in a day. In the event that I am actually bored or out of ideas, napping is usually not on the list. Naps always make me feel worse when I take them. I wake up disoriented, moody, and sick. Then that night, I can't sleep. So what's the point? There are nights when I get very little sleep and a nap sounds oh so nice, and if my tank really is on extreme low, I can't say I'm against a "catch-up" nap just to survive the rest of the day. But trust me that it is not a common occurrence in my world. Sleeping is for night time; the day is for productivity. I love sunlight and daytime, it makes me feel alive. So why would I waste it sleeping? Anyway, all of this to say, I have real difficulty letting myself relax or wind down with creative activities when I am busy, but nonetheless, I need to allow time for such ventures.

You may wonder why I am so busy. Imagine Artists is in the thick of the "Christmas Card Season," and it's no understatement to say we are fully immersed. I count our preoccupation as a blessing; we could not ask for more business. The snow outside adds a nice touch.

Speaking of blessings... we have many of them. Sometimes I wish I had less material possession because I feel like it would simplify my life. The less you have the option of "having," the closer you are to true joy. Stuff clutters your physical life and your spiritual walk... the more you have, the easier it is to trip over it. As the Christmas season approaches, people often ask me, "What do you want?" Honestly? ...really, nothing. Sure, there is stuff that I "want." Who doesn't want this or that, an ipod touch, an iphone, 6 boxes of chocolate, and that really cool CD. But all that stuff does is take up my time, and does it really make me happy? Or does it make me want more?

I have been thinking a lot about time lately, and how I use it. There are daily necessities that must be met, and often, lifelong necessities that follow suit. And those take time. But when we look beyond what we must do to live as humans, we find a whole bunch of time in space that is a gift of ours. The Lord has entrusted us with this time to do as we please. So are we pleasing Him with it? Does the glory go to Him in all that we do? It's a real challenge. If you ask yourself that question daily, it changes your perspective and your attitude.

With all of that being said, I am going to continue to honor time and close up... I have to make "time" for my bedtime snack. :)

Love you all! T

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Katie May said...

"I despise naps."
i agree with you! :]

it is rather sad that the more we get the more we want. But it is also amazing that no matter how hard we try to satisfy our wants with physical things we still long for something spiritual, like we're just MADE to hunger for God. :]