Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Point (ment)s

Today I had two appointments.

Appointment #1 was a perm. Some of you may gasp, I know. It's not naturally curly. Never has been. I have pictures of myself when I was 5 years old, sitting at the barber chair with rollers in my hair getting my first perm. Since then, my hair has not lived without curls. Oh, I can straighten it if I want. But it's not that shiny, glossy "straight" that others can achieve. It's okay. I have come to accept the fact that my hair is curly and forever more will be curly.

Anyway, that was a nice chance to relax for a little bit.

Appointment #2 was a dentist appointment. I do not like going to the dentist one little bit. In fact, it is likely my least favorite doctor that I visit. First of all, the dental hygienists always try to make small talk while they are operating on your mouth, which is nice and all, but it is very difficult to answer any of their questions. I have yet to meet a dental hygienist who is either a) quiet, or b) talks the whole time, deleting any questions that need to be asked. Either way would suit well in such a situation.

Furthermore, it is extremely uncomfortable to keep your mouth open for such a long period of time while they use those drills to inject flavored paste into your mouth in order to polish your teeth. It's a nice deed they are doing, but it is just plain rowdy. I feel as though my mouth has run a marathon by the time it is all over. Before any of this happens, they ask my favorite question: "What flavor of paste would you like today?" And before I have a chance to answer, they list off about 5,000 flavors. I have always wondered why anyone would want the dentist cleaning their mouth with choices such as cookie dough, bubble gum, or passion fruit. I always opt for mint, as I feel it's the safest option and the only way my mouth will walk away feeling clean.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on that particular activity. Now before you get me all wrong and think that I absolutely despise all dentists, let me light up the truth: that's false. Dentists do a wonderful and important thing, and in fact, I think my dentist is great. It's just the activities that I endure along the way that I don't enjoy so much. But God bless the dentists for all their hard work, and the dental hygienists for being such skilled "people" people.

Today was also one of those days where my phone would not stop ringing. Do you ever have those days? It's as if everyone decided today would be a great day to call. Not so. I was in public a greater portion of it, and by my second appointment I was finally smart enough to turn my phone on vibrate. I counted, and today was a total of 33 incoming/outgoing calls. Yikes. It's safe to say that 75% of those were business calls, but still. It was a social day for me. Now watch. Tomorrow no one will call, and actually, that would be really nice.

It was also very productive today, especially in the latter parts. From 8 o'clock until I began writing this post, I edited a slew of pictures. And maybe I talked to a few friends online, but really, other than the occasional chat session, I stayed on task. My friends joke that I will be the "old cat lady" some day, and I grab that title gladly, but that just to say that my cat hung out with me tonight. Her name is Belle, and she's a calico. She's great. She'd rather be in here than out in the cold, so it's a pretty good deal for her.

Well, I am hungry and it's WAY past my bedtime. I will be getting up in less than 8 hours to walk with my walking buddy, Heather. I best be off!

Love you all!



Katie May said...

huh...i never knew that your hair wasn't naturally curly! i guess its true when they say that you learn something new everyday (that totally rhymed)


sarah said...

Hey I just went to the dentist too! I went Monday, and they didn't even give me an option of which flavor I wanted. She just started polishing, and much to my dismay, it was orange. I'm with you on the mint thing.

Tessa Larae said...

<.hey look.>
[your blog is cute]
(I gots a blog now too)
{but blogging is so confusing}
"just thought I'de say hi"