Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October Daze

This post is just proof that I am not completely lost to the blogger world. *smile.*

Or, at least, proof that I LOVE to write, and since this has seemingly taken over my "journaling" time, I am destined to return. At times, when it has been awhile, I crave writing... it is almost like food to my soul. Every time that I can sit down and let words pour out of my mind, it is therapy. I have a very monotonous job during the day, and I sit for nearly 10 hours each day. I find my mind wondering in and out of stories, ideas, conversations, and potential blog posts. :) Sadly, most of the time, none of these brilliancies take place. They just float around in my mind, and get shoved down to the bottom of my brain when I get home from work at 6 p.m. and am forced to fly through what little time that I have to eat supper and catch up on my home life.

This post will be categorized into topical sections because at this point, I see no other way to organize my wandering mind. Even now, I sit on my bedroom floor, leaning against my chair, legs crossed, spooning 31 Flavors chocolate-peanut butter + mint chocolate chip ice cream into my mouth... when I SHOULD be rushing around, picking up the scattered bags, folders, and pictures that litter my purple space. I am in the process of moving my "office work," including Two Peas in a Palette records, projects, and personal financials and to a newly created office space in the basement. Two Peas in a Palette plus "Taryn's new abode" has now arrived. It is located in the lower level of our house, easy for customers to access if they want to pick up their box of Christmas cards or pictures. It consists of a big, white-washed desk, a new black leather computer chair (just purchased tonight!), and another small piece of furniture that holds supplies. And, of course, pictures and sparkles and color. Anyway, I have already gone off on a tangent that CLEARLY should have been put into a topical section, but in my need to just keeping going, I'm going to wrap here and start the topics.

Don't worry. I still LOVE to research, talk about, and think about personality. I find it so very important in my life. I don't know why, and quite honestly, I don't really remember when the feddish began. All that I do know,is that it has revolutionized how I look at my life and my relationships. This is still my favorite website concerning personality types. Anyone else who takes the time to take a personality test in the Myers-Briggs realm or has any comments to make concerning this info, let me know! I love to discuss.

Still working at the publishing place in Peoria. I like what I do, yet as I mentioned, it can get monotonous. I am definitely still on the search for something else. My dad does a great job at keeping my connected with Caterpillar and all its many contacts. If I had a choice, I'd love to end up there. It's a great company, and I enjoyed my experience as an intern. Also, am looking at other local businesses, companies, agencies, and design firms around the area. If anyone happens to hear anything, let me know... :)

Tillie Sue is the newest cute little addition to our family. I'll post pictures soon, but not tonight. I have a lot of cute ones of the kids, so maybe I'll do one of each in the next couple of days. Gab, if you're readying-- maybe even a Top Ten mixed in. :) Anyway, I love spending time with my family. We are celebrating Tonya's 33rd bday this coming Tuesday, so that should be fun. The flu bug has gone through Tasha's whole family (she, of course, had to go to the hospital... her poor body cannot really deal with it, especially when she's pregnant. She was ok after an IV... she tends to go downhill fast when she gets the flu) and now Tate. Hopefully it stops there in that family because I doubt Melissa has time for such a sickness with her two little ones. I just passed up a flu shot at work yesterday. No thanks, I said. I don't do needles very well, especially in front of others. Actually, every time I have to get bloodwork done, nurses always say my veins are small, and the last time, it was so very painful so I would rather not invite an opportunity for that. Also, I heard that sometimes you can get sick from those? Who knows. Hopefully I'll stay healthy. When I first started working at my new job, everyone in my little office space was getting sick, so I took Airborne one morning. Well, I didn't really know how many vitamins and nutrients were packed into those little dissolvable pills, so I kept taking them every morning for a couple weeks until my medically minded friends told me that it's not good to overdose on vitamins, even if it is "good" for you. Hilarious. I probably had dangerously high amounts inside of my body. I'm clueless when it comes to stuff like that. It's why I'm in the design field. I'm just glad we have doctors out there. Needless to say, I've made it this far into the season pretty healthy... I'll write back tomorrow when I'm home sick, *knock on wood*.

Ok, sorry, the "family" section turned into a tangent. Ugh. I'm bad at this topic stuff.

My best one is getting married on December 2. So weird! It's fun, though. That makes 3 Morton weddings in about a 2 month period. I love weddings. They make me so happy. I think some people get sick of them but not me. I could go to a wedding every Sunday. There are just so many people, and everyone there is special to someone, and all of the pictures and happiness and food... it's just great. Kristi is doing this 8-week wedding thing beautifully-- it's a good thing she's a pretty quick decision-maker.

Heather and I take walks every once in awhile together in the evenings. It's so nice, we'll just walk and talk really fast (both). Also, Heather, Gab, and I had a little Starbucks session the other night, and that was delightful. It's nice to be back home and catch up with some home friends. I've now officially entered the 'working and singles' group, and that's kind of scary.

So I go back to ISU Bible Study as much as possible on Thursday nights :) I just LOVE all my ISU friends. I miss them so much, and it's nice to see them when I can. I have so many special friendships to keep up between room mates, friends, and college buddies. I just went to college weekend this past weekend, and it was so neat to see everyone. I stayed overnight with a couple of old room mates and it made me want to move back in to the college scene. :) Late night talks, early morning coffee, and lots of laughs. That's the life!

College weekend was so amazing. I am always blessed by how great God is, and how His Spirit can work in so many great individuals in such different ways. I heard a lot of great messages, and even though I am an ISU "alum," I felt like I needed to hear all of it. So applicable. Also, I sang with the ISU group during the evening program, and I did not feel a bit out of place. I love it!

Really... if you could see my bedroom floor, you'd know why I'm leaving. Glad to be back... hopefully I'll STAY back... I'm going to post pictures soon! Love you all!



Gab said...

yes t, i'm "readying".

the flu shot goes into your muscle... so it's a little pinch. I just got mine and did not get sick. but when you do get sick this winter with the flu, i'll bring you some chicken noodle soup.

Heather said...

I think you need to mention our Cold Stone and parking lot session in your next post. Now THAT was....well, don't know about delightful but memorable!!

And I think we are well overdue for a walk.

good to see your back.