Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Update :)

So, it has been entirely too long since I have posted... but it's never too late for an update.

What's New...

1. In August, my mom started selling some of her fun little baby items from her Sutsie Pie line in Washington. There is a store on the square called "Holiday Presence," which sells cute gifts and holiday treasures. It is quite a big store, and in the back, there are some spaces rented out by others who wish to sell merchandise on their own. This makes it more of a "botique."

My mom, in all of her endless creativity, sells hankies dresses, blankets, rag tags, and then additionally, her Feed on the Word dishes, and on top of that, a bunch of fun trinkets that she has obtained wholesale from many different catalogs. It has been quite the fun advernture. I have spent a few different times now sitting Indian style on the wooden floor of this store, using a pricing gun to stick a "$14.99" sticker on a snowman figurine, or sparkly ornament, or glittery candle. It is a plethora of color and fun, so stop by if you get the chance!

I also put together some of my flower photography in the form of framed wall photography + cards that I sell. Those are also displayed for sale in her space. Very fun times!

2. Work... I started a job in August at a publishing company in Peoria. I do mostly layout, typesetting, photo editing, etc. It is very fast-paced and fun, and each week brings something different. In fact, some weeks, I get Fridays off (because we work 10-hour days, so by Thursday, our 40 hours are in!) and other weeks I'm there form 7 am-7 pm and on Saturdays, too. It just depends on how busy we are. The fluctuating schedule keeps me on my toes, but I must say, I had a 4-day weekend last week, and it was NICE.

3. My best friend is getting married. SO exciting! A moment we have all been waiting for. It's a crazy 8-week engagement, but I must say-- it will be a very fun wedding!

4. God's Miraculous Moments... here's a little story I'll share. My parents were in Kiawa, Kansas this past weekend visitng some relatives. They were driving back home all day Monday (it's quite the road trip.) Just as a preface, last Wed. night in church, I heard an amazing sermon on "When bad things happen to good people." It was great, but I found myself thinking-- hmm, I've had it REALLY pretty good. It made me wonder if I would develop a seriously bad illness, or if I would drive home and find my house in a pile of ashes, or if I may see road kill on my way home only to find out it was my pet cat. Needless to say, my life continued on very nicely. Then, on Monday morning, I was listening to 88.5 on my way to work. Michael Easily is always on at 6:30, and his message that morning was, "How do we know God loves us when bad things happen? We often measure God's love based on our experiences rather than on what He did for us." It got me thinking again about how blessed I have been in my life.

Immediately, my mind went to the only area of danger it could at that moment-- my parents driving home on their 14 hour drive. I prayed for them right then and there, and made it a point to do so periodically throughout the day as I thought of them.

At about 4 p.m., my sister called me to inform me that my parents had hit a deer.

By God's grace, my parents were perfectly ok. My dad did not see this deer at all and yelled right before he hit it. My mom said she was working on a bible study and looked up just to see his hoofs flying in the air. He got caught and then flew off really quick, damaging a good portion of the front of our Tahoe. However, the amazing beauty of this story is that no one was injured.

I have to thank the good Lord for prompting me to pray that day. Obviously, this situation called for thoughts sent heaveward for safety and love. My sister also mentioned that she felt a prompting to pray that day. God works in mysterious, miraculous ways!

5. I am going to Chicago tomorrow! About 4 years ago, a group of us girls from Morton who are really good friends took a shopping trip to Chicago in the Fall time and had such a great time. Ever since then, we have continued to make it our tradition every Fall. This weekend is the lucky weekend. I can't wait to have some fun with friends, strolling the crisp, lit-up streets of Chicago with Starbucks in hand, scoping out all of the great sales and trying not to spend too mcuh money on food (this seems to be a problem area for us! One year, we joked that we spent more money on food than on clothes!)

Love you all! Thanks for reading... if you still stop by! I'll update more often... T


Luke said...

I've been waiting for this day. I was pretty sure you had died. It's good to have you back. :-)

Rebekah said...

hi taryn,
i faithfully check your's fun that i feel like i know you a little better now that i actually spent a couple days with you at the retreat! i love your posts and hope you keep it up!

thanks for the picture you sent me on the sweet card! i love it!


Marla said...

I ALWAYS love reading your blog! Thanks for the updates! I am glad your folks are okay! How'd the shopping trip go? I hope it wasn't too it had been the last couple of weeks.:) I love brisk fall days, too!:)

Jenny said...

so I was on the square for moonlight madness and checked out your Mom's stuff and your photos... cool stuff! It makes me wish I had neices and nephews to buy cute gifts for. :)