Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday G-A-B

Good, it's Tuesday and I am going to bring you an excellent post!

This top ten is going to honor my most dedicated Top Ten Tuesday reader who at times is freakishly prompt at letting me know how many more minutes are ticking a way in my Tuesday before I have become a failure at NOT posting and top ten. But where would we all be without her? Well... let me just say that there would be a lot less top tens.

Why is she so superb?


1. Fulfills my purpose of having nails. She lets me scratch her back every time I see her.
2. Is always up for pretty much anything. Spontaneous.
3. Appreciates Dairy Queen. I mean- anyone who orders a banana-strawberry-blueberry-raspberry blizzard is committed.
4. Gives great spiritual advice. She is a fountain of wisdom.
5. Listens. She lets you talk, and talk, and talk, but doesn't try to interrupt.
6. Lets out a big, appreciative laugh when she finds something funny. She does not hold back- she lets you know just how hilarious the situation is by the size of her laughter.
7. Always has something nice to say about someone.
8. Has successfully saved the Top Ten Tuesday endeavor.
9. Is crazy with me.
10. Is a lot of fun!

Comment if you appreciate Gab. Love you all! T


G-A-B said...

let's see... why do i like myself???? jk.

T- i like reading your top ten tuesdays because they are about OTHER ppl... not about me. i'm "shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of" your blog.

Luke said...

Gab: Your comment made me think of Veggie Tales' "Where is my hairbrush".

"...Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in nothing but a towel..."

G-A-B said...

that was the point luke. :-) glad someone got it.

Jenny said...

#6 is so Gab, you should have heard her last night watching funny videos online. :D

sarah said...

Yes, number 6 does ring a bell. As do number 2 and 3. I don't think I've ever walked 4 miles just for Dairy Queen with anyone else besides Gab. Oh- and Taryn. Good post!

erin said...

I love gab and I miss her too....We had some pretty good talks in our day... ;) I'm sure she knows what I am talking about!

thedoorsopen said...

i'm late here, but i don't want to be a jerk... i see/hear of gab, but i've never even said hello...
how do you do?

tammy sue said...

Gab is one of my favorite people. I love that girl to death!!