Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Photogaphy

I rolled over in bed this morning and glanced out the window, only to let an overwhleming sense of bright sunny blue envelope me and tempt me to get up. If I was a crowd of people watching fireworks, I would have "Ooed" and "Ahhed" about the amazing contrast of the vivid orange and yellow leaves against the Fall day sky. My joy was not yet over...

After a bowl of Golden Grahams, I took my camera outside to finish a photo lighting assignment, but I couldn't resist. I grabbed my Canon and begtan snapping away, capturing close-ups of the Fall flowers prospering in my mom's garden. The aroma of pumpkin was evident in the air, and the crisp day cooled me and allowed for a very refreshing feeling as I made my rounds in the backyard.

I felt in my element as I shot photographs of flowers. There is something about zooming in so deeply on a tiny little colorful flower and bringing vibrance and life to its presence that would have never been captured with a scanning, un-assuming eye. I thrive off of bringing something spectacular out of ordinary objects. It is my passion, not only with flowers but with any picture. I often look out the window of my car and see scenery and objects in terms of pictures rather in terms of what is really there.

Photography brings for me an outlet, and it's an important one, because it lets me capture memories and visuals. The other day, someone said to me, "I noticed you take A LOT of pictures. I think that's great-- but, what are you going to do with all these pictures when you're older?"

I love questions like these! I told her that first and foremost, it is essential for me to take pictures in order to liven memories. Often, if I don't take a picture of the event, I don't remember it very well. Pictures allow me to "re-live" the exciting times again and again, and this reinforcement in my mind helps my memory. Also, I don't just print my pictures and then let them sit and collect dust in shoe boxes. I hang them up, share them, give them away, print them in bigger sizes to be framed, archive them in albums, use them in movies, and sometime in the hopeful near future, sell them.

I am not going to school to be a photographer. I feel like it comes as more of a hobby to me, and it is there to enhance and add to what I AM learning about- media, design, and communication.

I thank God for His beautiful creation, from everything to the tiniest flower to the most vivacious and friendly person. It is all picture-worthy, and the beauty of it is owed to Him!

I love you all, T


natz said...

Taryn- Your post made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Thanks for sharing your passion with us. I love hearing about it!

JakeGman said...

very well written...even if a person didn't like fall, they would be stimulated by this Post!

However, I love Fall and I thank you for describing the feeling in words!! Now lets see some of the pics! :) Good Stuff.

Priscilla said...
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ema said...


thedoorsopen said...

thanks T! almost refreshing enough too make me update:) Beautiful thoughts and images... and amen, God be glorified!

meg said...

i LOVE how God has given each of us passions. for you it's photography, for others it might be helping the sick, yet others might take joy in fixing people's problems, whether they are physical, spiritual, or emotional. we each can serve God in our own special way. not only do we GET to, we NEED to. for we are all members one of another. maybe taryn, maybe you're the eye. my mom STINKS and taking photograph, but she LOVES to sew for people and is very good at it. so, maybe she's a hand. i think it's important that we all have an idea about what our part of the body is so we can function well w/ the other ones and function to the best of our ability in serving God. let HIS name be praised!!

WOAH!! sorry 'bout the SUPER long post guys!

much love,

thedoorsopen said...

ok it was inspiring enough:)