Thursday, October 05, 2006


My blog is stale.

I have let it sit in the cupboard too long, and now it is dull, flavorless, and ignored.

It has been awhile since I last posted because my time is precious these days, and unforunately, or perhaps fortunately, blogging has fallen to the bottom of the to-do list.

Today started off cloudy and cold, and has now developed into a blue sky beauty. My spirits are high because my afternoon class has been cancelled, which frees up a whole afternoon for me to enjoy. I just finished peanutbutter and honey with banana slices on toast, all while talking to room mates and friends and listening to jazz.

Since it just so happens to be a Tuesday, I am going to throw in a Top Ten for everyone...

On Monday night, we had game night at the Willow House (new name for the previous T House + Steph and Abby). We started off with a couple of board games and ended up bringing the whole group together at the end for a game of "I Have Never." Most of you know that this game is played by starting someone off in the center who says, "I have never..." and then fills in the blank with something they have never done. Everyone who is seated who HAS done this must get up and find a new seat, all while the person in middle frantically tries to find a free space to sit down. One person will always end up in the middle, and then has to make a new "I have never" statement. This is one of those games that is fun to play, sometimes even aggressive, but really has no end goal or final winner other than someone brave enough to say, "I have never been so sick of this game" and ends it.

Anyway, my theme for Top Ten will be 10 "I have never..." statements by myself, and you can all pick one that you HAVE done and tell a story about it. Essentially, we are playing the blog version of the game. Except that you don't have to worry about finding a seat.

I have never...

1. Been to Hawaii

2. Received a speeding ticket

3. Enjoyed mushrooms, olives, or seafood

4. Had younger siblings

5. Gone sky diving or rocky mountain climbing

6. Had permanantly straight hair

7. Missed a trip to DQ in the summer

8. Lived without a pet cat

9. Seen Forrest Gump all the way through

10. Been to Heaven, but someday I will go there...

Love you all. T


Luke said...

I've recieved a speeding ticket...several actually. But for some odd reason, when I switched car insurance last month, they could only see one on my record. That's a BIG miracle...'cause I've gotten at least 4 in the last 5 years.

Luke said...

I think maybe all your readers forgot about you. :(

sarah said...

I have gotten 4 speeding tickets, had younger siblings, been Rocky Mountain climing, enjoyed seafood, had permanately straight hair and have seen Forrest Gump the whole way through.

sarah said...

And I also have not forgotten about you.

E mae said...

I have had a younger sibling, gone to hawaii, had premanately straight hair, enjoyed seafood (only crab legs, and I've gone Rocky Mountain climbing. And i haven't forgotten you...

thedoorsopen said...

Game night was fun... and to think I didn't want to come

Enjoyed mushrooms, olives, or seafood. MMMM, I will sautee you some mushrooms in olive oil and you will like them very much, then we will get a really good caeser salad with big black olives and you will embrace the wonderful flavor. Than we will eat shrimp, a seafood that most people can like, mmmm, some cajun seasoning and you won't resist.

younger siblings are nice to have and talk to

my hair is straight, I don't think much of it, but it is, kinda easy

I would substitute sauteed mushrooms in for a couple DQ visits, I mean, moderation in all things:)

When we had cats are Dog tried to eat them. sometimes he succeeded. It was not our fault, I don't know where they came from, but we always had tons on the farm. I did like one who answered to it's name. Tiger. good cat, never met another.

Heaven sounds wonderful today (you can read this any day and it will still be in full context)