Thursday, July 28, 2005

Trees and Testimonies (and some DQ consulting)

Today I scared my friend.

She thinks that I am going through an identity crisis because I claimed to be a tree. JUST BECAUSE I picked up a fallen branch with leaves and held it above my head and saw my shadow and stated, "Hey, I look like a tree." Well if you want the full story, you can go to (there's some free blog advertising for you, Kristi!) and read it, but I refuse to discuss the topic further. Because I really DID look like a tree. She's probably just jealous of my tree-like qualities. Hmph.

Anyway. To explain that silly story, it all happened when my mom, 2 sisters and all their kids plus my cousin visitng from AZ and her 3 kids and Kristi and I decided to walk up to Dairy Queen from our house. Ok, that's like 14 individuals (I did the math) headed to the best ice cream place ever, so we looked like a big herd of people walking the 3 blocks to DQ. It was pretty funny. And the ice cream was good. So good. As a fellow worker of 6 years, let me reccommend some favorites for those who are DQ dumb. The Brownie Earthquake is an excellent choice... it consists of vanilla Dairy Queen surrounded by 2 chocolate Oreo brownies, topped with hot fudge, marshmallow sauce, Oreo cookie pieces, and whipped cream. I also get mine with hot caramel. If you're not drooling yet, another good one is the peanutbutter cup blizzard made with CHOCOLATE Dairy Queen and brownie pieces. Mmmmm. For those who don't salivate over chocolate like I do, try the strawberry cheesecake blizzard or an all-time favorite, the banana split. Like coffee? The Moolattes are a must. They come in caramel, vanilla, cappacino, and my personal favorite, mocha. Those are frozen blended drinks with misty, ice cream, coffee syrup, and a couple pumps of whatever flavor you decide on. If none of that sounds good... then just let me know. I'll consult you about numerous other options.

See.... now you all want to go get a Dairy Queen, don't you! I should be in sales...

Ok, I'm going to stop talking about food (I'm hungry right now and I really want popcorn but I'm writing this first) and step into a totally different subject.

Tonight. We had two testimonies in place of Wednesday night church. Wow. Praise God! He is awesome and does such amazing things through people. A couple who recently started going to our church about a year or more ago gave their testimonies, and they were beautiful. It is always so encouraging to hear from those who are new to our church and find it such a close-knit, loving, kind, and uplifting family! Not that I doubt that we aren't for a second, but sometimes it is easy to get bogged down and almost immuned to what an awesome fellowship we have! Especially, those of us who grew up in our church all our lives. What a blessing it is for those of us who do, but I think it tends to make us blind to the great gift we have because it's all we've ever known.
Aside from our great church family, though, one thing that we as believers will always have in common is our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His mercy and grace, a gift that I am thankful for daily. There comes a point in your life when you realize that without His grace, you are so.... nothing. We are nothing without God. And with that simple phrase brings about our purpose in life- to give Him the glory in all that we do, think, say and ARE.

So here is my challenge to myself but also to anyone else willing to take it: From now on, I am going to give God the glory in all that I do.

That may sound kind of simple in principle and obvious... as a Christian, it's like, "Uh, YEAH..." I would hope that would be our goal, but when I am completely honest with myself I realize that I don't. How many times do I take the credit? How many times do I have a bad attitude about what I'm doing because I forget that I'm doing it for Him?

I've found that the more I read the Bible, even when I don't really want to, the more I want to keep going back. So, the more I try to glorify God in all that I do, the more Christ-like I will strive to be, and glorifying God will become an automatic.

It's so easy to focus on ourselves. That's all the world wants us to do... that's all Satan wants us to do. If we choose to focus on God, there's no time to think about ourselves. Tonight, following the testimonies, Bro. Ted Witzig brought out some great verses and one that struck me was 2 Corinthians 5:15 (NIV), "And he died for all, that thoses who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again."


Our job is not to please OURSELVES. As long as we trust God, He is capable of doing that for us!

Well I am REALLY HUNGRY now. Time for my popcorn, devotions, and bed.

Love you all and have a splendid day, T


taryn said...

For those of you who don't have much of a humor...
Kristi doesn't really think I'm going through an identity crisis and I do NOT think that I am a tree. :-)
Just a funny story.

Kristi said...

Haha... did you really think someone would take you seriously and think you were a tree? I think it's funny that you had to add the comment to your post... your a funny girl.

Luke said...

What a great goal! Keep striving toward the mark of the prize in God through Christ Jesus sister!