Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My second blog in 3 weeks

Ok. So about 3 weeks ago I got really bored and was like, "Hey, maybe I'll start a blog called T's Exciting Life." Well..... I did, but now, 3 weeks later, I can't seem to find it or remember my sign-in name OR password. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to look. So I'm starting this one and it's going to last.

Why? Because I LOVE to write. For those who do not know me well, it is a passion of mine that has always been a part of my life. It's one of those things where I do it because I feel inspired to do it. I suppose I call it my God-inspired gift. I just feel like it is something he has blessed me with, and hopefully in some way I can share it with others or already maybe have. I trust that God can and will use me, though, wherever He sees fit.

You know, it really is great to sit back and think about all the gifts God has given us. And I'm talking about talents here. I realize that there are those who ponder awhile and conclude that they don't really feel good at much of anything at all, but those are probably the very people who have millions of little gifts that are used in ways that they don't even realize. God uses us more than I think we know sometimes, and it's always encouraging to hear feedback. It's also great to hear everyone out there in college who is really excited about their major or field of study. Sometimes, I think, "How in the world can you possibly find that remotely intersting?" but then I just remember that there are those out there who think MY field of interest seems like a drag. So SOMEONE who enjoys it has to do it! And how great it is that as a Christian, we can be used all the more through out fields that we ENJOY!

Oh my, look how much I've already written and I could write so much more. Is there a word limit on these things?
Today I worked at my job of 6 years now, Dairy Queen, until 3. Then, to work I went again. My friend, Kristi Daniel, and I recently started a business called "Two Peas in a Palette." We design stuff for people... anything. Want a business card or mail-out? Let me know! I'll send you one! We welcome any business. We design t-shirt designs, brochures, logos, letter heads, presentations with pictures and music, do photo editing... you name it.

Thanks to the handy dandy AC church phone book, we mailed out around 75 business intros last week and have gotten about 6-7 projects we have to do this week. It is SO fun and exciting, but at the same time slightly overwhelming. Today was a "let's get organized so we can actually get something done" day.

After that, off to my Grandma's 80th-something birthday dinner. Actually, I shouldn't have technically been invited because it was for kids only (which would be my old parents and aunts and uncles, don't tell anyone I called them old) BUT I got fed separately with my cousin an amazing meal in exchange for sitting and typing on my laptop memories for this memory-book thing they're putting together. It would have taken them all the whole night to figure out how to open Microsoft Word to type it so it's probably a good thing I was there. ;-) Kelly (my cousin) and I enjoyed sitting and listening to the memories, though. What laughs!

Then Laura and I went roller-blading in the sprinkling darkness of the night. We decided to come home after 4 miles because it was getting a little too wet. We usually do 8 but anymore, that's not even a challenge. Oh, well. Maybe in the future we need to carry around weights. Wouldn't that be a sight.

Ok. Enough for tonight. I gotta close now or else I may get off on another tangent. If anyone actually reads to the end of this, call, e-mail, or IM me and you can have a prize or something. Impressive.

I love you all.



scott said...

wow, that's quite a first post! bravo! since i'm your first fan...keep it up!

Luke said...

Well, now I have a 101 blogs to check on a regular basis. :) Liked the post, what a great outlet for your writing passion! Share it with the world.

Joel said...

Hmm sounds good. I'm kinda surprised that you couldn't remember any of your old stuff though...

taryn said...

Joel... yeah, well I figured out after I made my new blog how easy it would have been to resurrect my old one but I kinda wanted to start a whole new one, anyway. I didn't know you had a blog. That's great!