Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 15th to my Mom!

Today, I want to devote my blog post to my Mom. She turns 15 years old.

It’s her birthday, and it’s Leap Year… so I’ll let you do the math. I can truly say, though, that she is still 15 at heart. And she looks very young to match her age!

We also say “Happy Birthday” to my nephew (her grandson!) on this very special day, and her great-niece. The statistics of so many family members sharing a Leap Year birthday are astounding. My dad can explain the math behind it, but I just think it’s cool!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write about my Mom is because she has been a very instrumental part of our business, from the very beginning.

I can remember sitting on my sister’s floor at her house several years ago, with my head in my hands and tears streaming down my face. I was totally directionless and unsure of what my future would hold, but it was my mom who instilled the confidence and courage in me that I needed. She believed in me, she believed in my talent, and she knew I could do it.

My mom and I are very similar, but we are very different. In the ways that we are different, she is very similar to Kristi. So to have her as a “guidance counselor” in the beginning stages of our business was helpful. She could speak to different facets of both of our personalities, and she always had good ideas.

And she had a way of calming us both down when the world was coming to a crashing end. :)

It is her passion, creativity, and confidence in our business that I really appreciate. She has been involved with us at several points along the way, whether it was providing her basement for us to house our business in the beginning, or filling our first storefront location with trinkets and treasures to draw people in.

Kristi and I always say that both of our moms have been a huge inspiration and help to both of us in our "business" life... both bring such amazing (and different!) talents that have contributed in huge ways. We wouldn't be where we are without them!

I love my Mom lots, and owe my creative spirit and imagination to her! And I don’t usually like to speak for other people, but I do know that my Mom has always said Kristi is like a fourth daughter to her.

Happy 15th Birthday, Mom. We love you!

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