Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day in My Life

On today's docket:

7:30-8: press snooze on my alarm clock
8: wake up
9: arrive at work
9-11: edit pictures
11: run into a friend on the road and chat
11:20: dentist appointment in pekin
12: starbucks run
12:30: meet with interior designer about our studio
2:00: lunch... no time and nothing in the house so grabbed JJ
2:30-3:30: another trip to Pekin for Hobby Lobby and Mendard's
3:30: spotted a cool field with beautiful flowers and a lake on the way home. Stopped and asked permission from the home and land owners to take pictures there.
4-5: edit pictures
5:45-7: volunteer dinner at fellowship hall for 3rd shift job
7:30-8:30: to the studio, simultaneously edited pictures while helping Kristi call 15-20 Home Goods stores across the country in search of a specific chair
9-9:30: worked out at Gold's
9:30-9:50: showered and made a banana-berry smoothie
10: 3rd shift job
10-10:30: played on 12 Word with Friends games.

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