Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Mode

I have been MIA... and for that I apologize. Life is busy!

The first topic I will address is the weather. I had hoped that April would bring sunnier skies and warmer weather. Instead, it is bringing what the age-old adage tells us... "April showers." I can only pray that it will bring May flowers!

Secondly, I am beyond excited that Leaves 'n Beans will be going in just down the street from our studio. I love love loved the mocha ice cap drinks that I used to get at Sweet Treats 'n Coffee Too, but since their closure a couple of months ago, I hav been living off of more infrequent Starbucks and the occasional Eli's drink. Or, the instant coffee I make at home. All do the job, but I am thrilled to introduce a fun little downtown place that will offer salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts, and of course, coffee. :)

Third. I anticipate my life will only get busier from here on out, but I will try to update more often.

4. I am currently a bit attached to The Nanny, which is a 90's sitcom starring Fran Drescher. I am not sure why, but I find this show full of a lot of comic hilarity. As I have expressed in the past, I don't even really like TV all that much but in a moment of weakness about a week ago, I curled up on the couch late at night and watched "Nick @ Nite." A back-to-back episode of The Nanny was on, including the pilot show, so I was intrigued and started watching it from season 1.

Fifth. Easter is this weekend! I always love celebrating this holiday... and am looking forward to being with the family. The family units have been in and out of Florida over the past few weeks, so it's been awhile since the whole fam has been together.

Furthermore, my lovely friend Heather is home from CO this weekend. I am also looking forward to helping throw a baby shower for my cousin and her sweet little girl, Rosie. Also on the calendar is an order session, and engagement session, prison ministry on Sunday morning, and doing a part in the Easter saga for the Sunday School. Oh yes, I also have to make breakfast pizzas for Saturday and an egg casserole for Sunday.

If this stresses you out, don't worry. I was recently talking to Kristi... it was on a day when we were running from one thing to the other.

"I hate this," she told me. "I don't like feeling rushed. I feel very out of control. It's not good."

I am the opposite. i LOVE to rush from one thing to the other. I mean, maybe "love" is the wrong term. It's just that I feel at my best when I'm up and running... I start to procrastinate and waste time when I have too much of it on my hands :) I am the most productive while in crazy mode.

Well... off to the next thing. See-- point in case: I got around to writing a blog post on one of the BUSIEST nights I've had in awhile... it's just the way I roll.

Meanwhile, it's time for a snack soon! So I best run...


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