Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I know I promised a return with depth and insight, but instead I am trading for a pictorial update. I am always good for one of those. The past few weeks have brought about a Thanksgiving celebration as well as Christmas decorating.

Before we look at pictures, I have to talk about the weather here for a minute. Illinois has officially turned into Alaska. It's about 12 degrees out most nights. Whenever I go outside (which usually only consists of traveling on foot from my car to whichever warm building is my destination), one thought is always running through my head: Is this necessary? It is SO incredibly cold. But then, we have to be subjected to these polar temperatures before we can truly appreciate the beautiful mild Spring time, the lush green (and humid) Summers, and the bright and crisp Fall season. Right? (That's what I tell myself).

And who doesn't love snow?

I am not sure why I always end up talking about the weather. When I was younger (grade school age), I used to eat my breakfast at the kitchen table while reading the Weather section of the newspaper. I would always check out the high and the low for the day, the average temperature, the record highs and lows, and the temperature in Phoenix. I had a secret goal to become a meteorologist someday. Some dreams never do quite come true, but having the liberty to do frequent weather reports on my blog is right up there with being an actual meteorologist.

Onto those visuals...

Thanksgiving Feast-- fully equipped with BBQ turkey, the best way to eat it!

This is how Silas feels about green beans. Actually, I think he does like them.
He's just a boy of many faces.
Applesauce Puffs-- the world's greatest cinnamon treat
Some fresh fruit to offset all of the other empty calories
Classic Tillie
Christmas Decor arrives! My mom's dining room table. This year's theme is silver and sparkle.
I can't help it
The wire tree
Banister decor
Just one of many sparkly ornaments on my mom's tall tree
The miniature tree in my bedroom
Door wreath
It's been a pleasure! I'll be back soon. Ideally, I'll be back on some snowy afternoon, and I'll be all curled up by the fireplace inside listening to Christmas music and sipping a warm cocoa topped with whipped cream, and I'll type my blog entry from the laptop warming my lap.


Love you all! T


Kristi said...

Do you even have a fireplace?

taryn said...

Yes we have a fireplace! Have you never been to our house? It's in the living room-- I guess we don't spend that much time in there-- but there is one in there. As well as down in the basement. So we have TWO fireplaces. I'll be sure to point them out in case you ever want to make a s'more.