Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Africa: Lifesong Video

Shortly after arriving home from Zambia, Africa this past January, I began working on editing the (literally) thousands of pictures that I had taken. Once I had a pool of favorites to work from, I started plugging them into different projects. First and foremost were a couple of videos that I created.

I had visited a blog not long before starting and saw a video that someone had put together on their trip to Ethiopia. The song for it was, "I Saw what I Saw" by Sara Groves. I fell in love with the words and decided at that very moment that this was my song.

I started looking into obtaining a copyright to the song to use for the video, as I knew I'd eventually be sharing it with my church and on the web.

My goal was to make this first video a little more informative about Africa culture and give a taste of Lifesong's kids in Zambia and their lives.

I created one other video that involves more of our team members and what we did while there, and I'll be posting that one in a few days. For now, here is my "Africa: Lifesong" video.

Love you all!


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