Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wait a Minute... Do We Drive the Same Car??!

I have really been enjoying my new ride. The plates still aren't in. I expect them any day now.

I made one assumption that I am finding out is incorrect. I automatically assumed that everyone else who drives a Volkswagen Beetle would automatically want to be my friend. Not like "real life friends," but more like, "Oh my word, that girl has the same car as me, so I'm going to smile and wave," type of friends.

Ever since I received my new car, I have been prepared to smile, wave, and/or strike up a new relationship with any other VW Beetle driver on the road. Unfortunately, I am quickly finding that other VW Beetle drivers do not share and/or return the same affections.

It's not that they're mean. It's just that they aren't all super friendly. I think it's the coolest thing in the entire world when I see another bug. In fact, I have spent a larger part of my life shouting "MY CAR!" and pointing excitedly anytime a beetle passes by. Every beetle on the road was "my car." I have even been known to freak out fellow friends and family because I gasp and point so loudly when I spot one that they wonder if they're about ready to wreck. My reaction is about the same either way. So now that I actually drive one, I feel an even stronger connection to other VW drivers out there.

I mean, as far as I am concerned, not just anyone buys a VW Beetle. They are impractical, bright, eccentric, fun, and zippy little cars. These adjectives don't exactly fit the description most people are giving when they look to purchase a new vehicle. Largely, middle-aged women and young teen girls are the largest market for the VW Beetle. But within those 2 demographics, I still say you're special if you buy one. Because as I pointed out, not just anyone is going to buy this car. So I guess that's my basis for feeling like I'm best friends with anyone else who drives one.

Also, I have established a habit of taking a picture of my car anytime I am parked in the same vicinity as another VW Beetle. It's a fun little game I play. In fact, the other night, guess what happened. Kristi and I were arriving at the wedding reception of one of the weddings we were shooting, and in the hotel parking lot there was an empty slot next to another green VW Beetle. I quickly drove over and parked next to it. And took a picture.

I don't know why I think it's so cool. It's really probably not. The logical part of my brain says "Taryn, they drive the same car as you. Big deal. A lot of people do." But there is still something inside of me that fights that statement and says, "But they drive a brightly colored bubble that is unlike any other car on the road, so SOMETHING about them must be a little different... and therefore, we should be friends, or at least acknowledge how cool it is that we both drive this same car."

A couple of my friends recently purchased new vehicles, as well, within the past couple of years. They were talking about whether it bothered each other putting miles on their new car. Again, call me backwards, but I almost feel like I DO want to put miles on it. And a large part of that is due to my outlook on it: first of all, I don't plan on selling this anytime soon. I bought it brand new and so I'd like to hang on to it... maybe even forever, if possible. So with that in mind, why not get good use out of it? I'm paying for it, so why let it sit on a driveway or in a corner and collect dust? I realize some people like to keep miles down for better resale value and I totally get that. But considering this is my dream car, the one I've wanted all my life, and my end goal is to use it, have fun, and make the most of our journey together, then then way I see it, putting miles on it is the only way that will be done.

The more, the merrier.

I can't believe I just wrote an entire blog post on my car. I'll be back soon with something more substantial and meaningful. Really, I will.

Love you all... T

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