Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Passion 2010

I just returned from Passion 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an amazing few days. At events like those, it is like "information overload." To remedy that problem, I took with me my giant "prayer/notes" book in which I record all prayer requests and tidbits of wisdom and notes from sermons/talks that I hear. I love it-- it's this gigantic, hard cover book with endless space and lines on each page. Anyway, I was able to take notes during the entire experience so that I can go back over everything that I learned.

I heard speakers like Francis Chan, Louie Giglio (founder of Passion), Beth Moore, Andy Stanley, and John Piper. Providing worship were singers like Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, Hillsong, and David Crowder. It was incredible. 20,000+ individuals 18-25 attended, and awesome organizations such as World Vision, OneVerse, Operation Mobilization, Hope International, Compassion, Not for Sale, and Gobena coffee were present. A huge area with fantastic exhibits gave an exciting opportunity to give.

Amazing things happened while there! I couldn't possibly sum up everything in a blog post, so I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to tell you my personal goal. My prayer before going on this trip was that I wouldn't just go to this conference, sit and listen to each speaker, sing the songs, experience how awesome it is, and then just come home and live my life. My prayer was that I would do all of those things, and then come home and actually be changed. The only way to be changed is by the Holy Spirit, so my hope is that I will live out the truths and wisdom that I heard over the course of the past several days, and that others may see the true JOY of Jesus on my face so that God may be glorified. 

See this article for more info.

My Simple Diary entry for today:

Your day was
a treat
taken away
a runaway train

Explain why
Slept in until 11, no work, great sermon

Leaving aside property and privilege, what is your greatest advantage in life?
Passion for my work

To be lovesick, to be nowhere.

1. a mother and a father
2. all the attention
3. to be well
4. safe and sound
5. a goodnight kiss
6. white hair
7. Passover

I don't much believe in fate. I believe in God, I believe in His working, and I believe that a lot of our circumstances are due to our own sowing. But if I had to pick one as being "fateful" in nature, it would be those who receive all the attention. What makes someone more apt to be in the spotlight than another? Underneath it all, we all have potential, talent, and brimming stardom. It's just that some know the right people, have the right connections, or were born at the right time. If I had to believe in fate, that's what I would call fate.

1. either or
2. maybe some other time
3. well, not so well
4. no savings account
5. a late night show
6. a wig
7. passing out

That's a circumstance!

Something is in your way: 

Love you all!



Jill Foley said...

Wow...what an amazing opportunity! You already know Chan is a favorite of mine and I love Beth Moore's studies...but just 2 minutes ago, Kevin and I finished watching a message by Louie Giglio...

and to worship with Hillsong...that is a dream!

I would love to hear more...

Andy Lehman said...

so cool you were there... thrilled you're going to Lifesong-Zambia too, right?!?!

OM usa said...

Passion was amazing! Glad you learned lots. Here's a video from Passion explaining the plight of the Dalits in India that you can share if you like. Passion 2010 crushes injustice

OM usa