Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Noah & Oliver Project

My sister is in San Fransisco with her husband who is on business, so we had the pleasure of keeping her two oldest boys this weekend. Although, I count them equally lucky to be able to spend a few days with me. Mutual goodness. The charmed candidates include an 8-year old, Noah, and a 6-year old, Oliver.

I love kids. They remind me of the sheer simplicity and luxury of life back in the good ol' days when the biggest concerns were if you got an A on your spelling test or practiced your piano enough for the coming week's music lesson. Waking up early is natural, cookies after a school is a must, and running around barefoot outside isn't even a question.

Tonight I looked Noah in the eye and said with all sincerity, "I really hope you realize how easy you have it right now." We had been talking about school, so he naturally assumed I meant academics and started rattling off stories about class. Someday he'll know what I was talking about, but somehow, I think that the elderly look at me and think the same thing.

I told the 2 boys that I wanted to feature them, and so I took a picture of both of them and asked them a few questions. They wouldn't quite humor me with deep, philosophical answers to my heavy questions, but then, I have to remember that they aren't college professors and famous football players just yet.

Here is Noah.

He looks a bit rough and tough in this picture. But really, he has a heart as big as it can be. He readily shows affection, and is quick to give you a hug or hold your hand when you need it most. I don't say that lightly, as I am not naturally the affection-giving type, so I appreciate those who know how to give it in appropriate ways, and this kid has it down.

Noah is also very athletic. He has his dad's quick wit and story-telling abilities, and he has his mom's heart and fountain of knowledge.

Food: German Pancakes ("My mom makes those a lot.")
Sport(s): Basketball and Soccer ("Because I can't choose between those two.")
Color: Orange

Here is Oliver.

He is my boy of funny faces. Oliver lives up to his unique name. He is the independent adventure lad, always out searching for frogs, catching lightning bugs, and chasing rabbits. He has a tender heart and a precious smile. His face is animated, his eyes sparkle, and his speech is excited.

I asked him how someone would describe him. He seemed a little confused at first and he was frowning, saying, "I don't know."

But then he thought. After a time, he told me, "God's boy."

"Yeah, yeah," Noah piped in. "That's what I was going to say!"

Food: Cheeseburgers
Sport: Football
Color: Blue
Past Time: Game Cube "at home"


These boys are a lot of active fun. We have been go-carting, out for pizza, miniature golfing... the whole works. May the Lord bless their talents and budding personalities, and grow them into godly Lights that shine.

Love you all.



Rebekah said...

neat pictures of the boys...and i beg to differ. I think that Oliver's answer "God's Boy" is probably a little deeper than some profs could go! :)

Great post!

Caitlin said...

you're lucky to have the opportunity to entertain such handsome gentlemen ;]

taryn said...

Rebekah- you are right. Oliver's response was very deep. :) He is quite the kid.

Caitlin- I am lucky.

Tasha said...

wow - i just came upon this today. Neat to see what my boys say abouth themselves. Thanks for the neat post. I'll have to say they have a pretty special aunt.