Friday, August 08, 2008

Keep it Timeless

I started this blog back in 05. Hard to believe it's been so long. Blogging is great, but sometimes I am overcome with old-fashioned nostalgic longings and I wish we could all rewind about 100 years in technology. These days, technological advances connects us all instantly in ways like never before, but somehow, it seems like we are getting more and more impersonal.

When I was in Jr. High, my best friend and cousin was Kelly. We had active imaginations. Among our favorite activities was what we called "Creative Time," in which we spent hours upon hours creating imaginary towns, people, sketches, drawings, lives, and productions. She lived just across town, but every week, we sent each other letters in the mail. It was usually a few pieces of notebooks paper with doodles, comics, and stories all folded up and stuff into a Veggie Tales envelope. The excitement of receiving a letter in the mail was big. These days, I receive nothing more than wedding invitations and junk mail, and that is all seemingly going online as well.

Recently, I decided to start writing in a journal again. It's so weird, but I love it. Something about capturing handwriting, sketches, ideas, and late-night spontaneity in one precious keepsake to sit on the shelf for generations to come... it's a tangible treasure. We can turn online journals into something you can hold in your hand if we print out the entries and stick them in plastic sleeves all bound together nicely in a 3-ring binder, but again... where is the uniqueness? The personal connection?

You may wonder why I would enter into such a anti-technological tangent, as the line of work I love and feel I was created to do is centered around that very powerful "T" word. Don't get me wrong. I could write you an essay on all of the perks and wonders of modern technology, but today I just wanted to look back into a past generation and appreciate the little things that we don't take a second look at anymore. Letters in the mail, hand-written journals, a house visit, a walk along the river, a delivery of daisies, and a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Is there a way to capture such timelessness with technology? Absolutely, and that's why I love my line of work. A visual snapshot in time speaks the same language yesterday and tomorrow... here, and in another country. It's my personal goal to continue to keep the balance between the super wonders that technology gives us while sustaining the timeless traditions and actions that bonds us all in ways the online chat rooms and blogging will never be able to do.

Love you all! Keep checking back, the goal is to update once a week.



Tasha said...

cute T. Love the pic. I know what you mean, but actually it can be a way to bring you back to people you never would've come in contact with or give you more time to "talk" with someone you may not have done otherwise. Just a little rebuttal. Making the best of it.

Erin said...

I hear ya! So many cool things come with all of this new technology, but so many things to set us back as well! Sitting in front of the computer has been a tempting time waster for me at times...and being so well connected to people on-line has made me yearn for some good old anonymity at times! :) I was ironically thinking about you today Taryn as I picked up my old scrapbooking stuff and thumbed through 12 yrs. of married life...I remembered that I have, I think, some old little games or notes that you wrote during one of our First Love practices! ha ha When we move to our parents and go through their attic, I'm sure I'll find them. I'll let you know! They'd make a fun blog post, I'm sure. :) Take care.

Kel said...

I was just thinking the other week about "Kelly's kooky keepsakes" and "Taryn's tiny treasures", maybe your little teasures are still in my room somewhere, but probably not. But I was remembering once you sent some crackers or cheeze-it's in one of your letters. When I opened it they were all crushed up and grease was on the envelope, we might have even had to pay extra postage! :) Ahhh, the good ole days. Anyhow (Grandma K), Love ya! Kel

taryn said...

Tash, I agree wholeheartedly...

Erin, aw, that's great! I remember making little poems and stories for you. Thanks for your comment!!

Kel, I'm so glad you visit. I often think about that cracker incident and laugh. Remember Taykell Productions? Or was it Kaytell. Who knows.