Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007 Moments

2007 in Review

The following image gallery displays some of my favorite captures in 07.
Pick a few that you enjoy and tell us all why!

Teddy Beau
Feeling Blue


Make a Wish

Flower Girl

Falling Up


Behind the Bouquet

Sea Buds



Summer Lovin'
Sutsie Pie


Little Miss

Love you all! T


Luke said...

Wow! That's astounding! You took all those pictures in 17 days??!!


I liked the piano keys. I like the way the edge of the white keys seems to twist.

taryn said...

Leave it to Luke to check for accuracy. It's fixed, these were 2007 shots. :) Thanks for the catch.

That piano keys picture was one of the first pictures I took with my new camera. I like the perspective, too-- it's crazy how the lens can distort something and make it look in or out of focus.

Rebekah said...

Yay!!! You put pictures up!!!! Man, how can I pick a favorite?! I love how you capture so many types of pictures. With each one I would think, "wow...I love that one!" then I'd see the next one and think the same thing.

overall, I think I like the blue butterfly one a lot because of the way it's sitting in the sunlight and the colors of its wings are so amazing.

the beach buddies one...what a great moment to catch.

all great though! thanks for posting pictures again! I love looking at your stuff!

Marla said...

You are soooooo TALENTED!!! I think my favs are "Beyond" and "Flower Girl." I like them all, though. Very artistic!!!

Priscilla said...

They are all very good. I particularly like "keys"....but there's something about "Sea buds" that I like too.