Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tricia, Part II

I have had multiple requests to update, so I best please the crowd. I have also had a few topic suggestions, but the one I am going to go with is actually close to brilliance, because the timing is astounding.

As I sit here and think about school starting back up in ONE week, I become extremely excited about my living arrangements for the Fall semester. We 4 T's will be collaborating with 2 newbies, so I need to make sure all of my T-House Tributes are complete. I have covered Tracy, Tammy, and Part 1 of Trish. Looks like TP needs to be closed up with a Part II before my new room mates enter into the mix.

So here we have it: Tricia, Part II

Randomalities & Greatnesses...

Just in case you get real hungry late at night, she is always willing to make a Krispe Kreme run.

She likes to laugh. Trish and I can laugh until we have tears in our eyes and our tummies hurt.

Rather than trying to butt in with stories and words, she will always lend a great listening ear to any story.

She is a natural encourager.

She has a unique style with a flair-- in every way.

Good & easygoing conversationalist.

She would support ideas of post-it notes on kitchen walls, rearranging living rooms at midnight, and watching the best episodes of The Office... even if we've already seen them.

She's a creative thinker.

Needless to say, I look forward to some super times with this girl starting next week. Thanks to TP for making sure there is never a dull moment.

Love you all. T


thedoorsopen said...

Who's the other newbie than Steph? Have a great year at the new house! You should fill us in on Trish's big European adventure!

Gab said...

so u really did make my day when you scratched my back. so thanks. :-)

dont forget about oak run pictures.

Luke said...

Was that "made my day" comment before or after you shoved the Ice Cream cone in her face?